The Voice of Rain in St. Louis

And who art thou? said I to the soft-falling shower,
Which, strange to tell, gave me an answer, as here translated:
I am the Poem of Earth, said the voice of the rain,
Eternal I rise impalpable out of the land and the bottomless sea,
Upward to heaven, whence, vaguely form’d, altogether changed, and
yet the same,

I descend to lave the drouths, atomies, dust-layers of the globe,
And all that in them without me were seeds only, latent, unborn;
And forever, by day and night, I give back life to my own origin,
and make pure and beautify it;

The Voice of Rain…Walt Whitman

Photo by Mark Newman



That’s the way Mother Nature Go!

I was so disappointed yesterday when the game was postponed, but seeing and reading this just made the next 11-1/2 hours of waiting for gametime bearable.

Thank you for reminding me that baseball is a game of romantics, philosophers and fools!

right now i”m less concerned about the affects that mother nature will have on the outcome of things, i am more interested in who will be called on to start fridays game 7, assuming things go that far St Louis will definitely be in position of having momentum in that situation, being at home, having their ace ( CARP ) on the hill and having won game 6, how worried are you that R Wash will be loyal to a fault and start M Harry in the biggest game in franchise history while he has an ace in the hole in Dutch ready,willing and able to stop STL in their tracks, i hope things work out but i have a feeling that if they dont close it out in game 6 the decision to start anyone but Dutch will prove to be the wrong choice, i can see why Wash starts Harry though, with game 7 being played on friday and CJ being available (albiet on short rest) you cannot usurp Harry for anyone but Wilson if there is any hope of signing him beyond 2011, i just dont know if he gives you anymore of a chance to win though. DECISIONS, DECISIONS, DECISIONS.

I just want to say this…Wash, YOU lost game six!! You should have left Holland in, then after that bad decision you should have left Neffy in, then after that bad decision you should have left Feldman in. Feldman could have grounded out just as easily as Herman. Nice goin’. YOU lost game six Wash.

jon A, i could not have added anything to or taken anything away from what you just said, i can understand the players having mental lapses I.E. Andrus throw to 1b, but Wash handled the bull pen as thow this was a mid summer game with the mariners & with no killer instinct, i screamed at the TV when i saw old man Ollie standing on the mound in the tenth, its taken us 40 years to get here, who knows how long it will take us to get back ? Feliz shuts that weak trio down with ease in inning 10 if given the chance. Wash will have some magor splaynin to do if they dont get it done on friday, lets just hope that the same resiliant bunch that got off the mat swinging after game 1 of the ALDS & game 3 of the WS shows up tomorrow.

I won’t dignify the last two ravings with a response….so how about this? The difference between the Dodger management and the Rangers….Did you see McCourts attorneys are saying it was Stowe’s fault for getting beaten senseless at the game? Unbelievable!

I’ll go out on a limb and dignify those ravings with this. We were one strike away from winning the championship twice. We lost because the Cardinals got the last big hit. It was a great game and a game we could’ve won, but tonight we did not. So, it’s all hands on deck for Game 7 and that includes we the fans. A manager looks like a genius when his moves work and we’re all disappointed when they don’t. But, Wash did not lose the game. The team did. So forget about it and focus on tonight because that’s what we want THEM to do! It’s time to win one of the greatest World Series ever!!! It just may be that we will win tonight because he did not exhaust Nefti, Ogando, or Adams. Except for the question of Cruz’s groin, everybody is available tonight. The team that plays the best tonight will win. The Cardinals will be high but they still have to swing the bats and throw the ball.

I’ve been a Ranger fan since 1979 and I can say without a doubt that last night’s game was the most humiliating, embarassing and heartbreaking loss ever. It was a team effort: lousy pitching, (per usual) inconsisent offense (how many men LOB?) horrible managing and a special mention absolutely terrible defense (I’m looking at you Mike and Nelson). And now tonight we get Matt Harrison (remember him from the brilliantly mediocre/bad performance on Saturday) vs Chris Carpenter. So there you go… one strike to go (twice) and the Rangers gave away the World Series last night. Part of my says after yesterday, they deserve to lose tonight to preserve their legacy of a being perenial laughingstock of baseball.

Wow…this is like abandoning the ship because someone dropped an ice cube on the deck and it reminded you of the Titanic! Do we not have a stronger fan base than this? How will you feel tonight when the offense continues to produce, Harrison comes out and gives 6 good innings, and Ogando, Adams, and Feliz close it out? This team has not lost consecutive games since July. The World Series is always unpredictable and you can’t react to the ebbs and flows so drastically. Or, maybe many of you have so little faith in this team that you’ve just been waiting for the chance to pounce. If you are a true fan of this organization, you still believe. Last night hurt, but that was last night. Just wait until you see what happens next! And, even if they lose tonight, this is a special group of guys and these are days that 28 other teams aren’t experiencing. Embrace the moment. Enjoy the ride!

Well, there are your consecutive games lost. I’ll dignify my own ramblings from last night and say again,….Wash, you lost game 6. Sometimes you have to do what makes sense instead of what the book says to do and Ron did not. I am a true fan, and true fans have every right to be critical of their team…and the manager. I will stand by the FACT that Wash made numerous “bad decisions” in game 6, costing us the series. No matter how great Wash has been throughout the season, his greatness failed us when it really mattered. I understand it is a team sport and a team effort, and tonight our team did not perform as we know they can. That doesn’t change the FACT that the manager makes vital decisions that can comepletely alter the outcome of any game, and when we should have won game 6…..three times over….you cannot deny that the rediculous pitching changes had nearly everything to do with it. Now St. Louis is popping the tops from the champagne bottles, not us. SAMSTER, who gives a flying rat turd about what McCourt’s attorneys are saying…. we just lost the World Series. Who needs your dignification anyway? Not me.

I meant the “flying rat turd” comment for FRED R., not Samster…sorry Sam.

Well Jon when you get your treatments you’ll probably realize that we saw some great baseball from a great young team that just ran out of gas. But get that treatment guy because you need it. Nothing happened to get angry about.

Eleanor you amaze me, You started to lose me when you said we should have kept Nate Gold because you knew his Mother. But your raves aren’t the rave of the kind of fan you want to project on the two boards I see you on. Everyone wants to win but if we lose we should find something in it. We have a young team that almost took a real juggernaught. The Cards were loaded and playing that way. There’s always next year…and as I’ve said before a good team loses 60-70 games a year…that’s all the last two games are…two more loses. Elinor you owe an apology for your intemperate remarks to the Rangers…if I were them I would never appear at another “event” you were connected with…or a book signing wither.

I did a little research on Ron Washington to answer the haters on the other board today….I thought you might be interested in what I found.
1. Ron Washington is 3rd in wins as a Texas Ranger Manager (427 out of 807). The two ahead of him are Oates (506 out of 982) and Valentine (581 out of 1186)
2. Washington doubles the post season wins of any other Ranger manager
3. Washington is 3rd in winning percentage (.525)….Stankey was 1.00 (one for one) Billy Hunter manager 254 games. The haters should think about that!

Fred, well there you go again with your delusions of grandeur. Not only do we need your dignification on our posts within this blog to be worthy of any significance, apparently you are also a doctor prescribing treatment. Your a jack of all trades. Congratulations on all that you have accomplished. Your right, nothing happened to get angry about…I’m sorry about that. Everything that happened in the series just lets us know that our fine young team played there hearts out, and just unfortunately lost this one because, after all, losing the last two games of the WORLD SERIES are just a couple of more losses…that’s all. I think you need to go back to focusing on the latest TMZ reports. Now, back to treatment. Thank you again Dr. Fred.

For those of you who don’t know D’god he’s back as “Sullivan’s Alter Ego” more ravings from a loon! Usually posts in threes…usually posts about the good old Rangers…Wanted zGrover for manager rather than Washington but any white guy would have done….Whoops that’s wrong…any white “Texan” native would have been better than Washington Also his favorite rant is never trade pitching. He disapproves of the Hamilton trade and his mantra is DVD…
Jon…congrats on getting the treatment…get to know D’god who posted above you…you’re birds of a feather. I do happen to be Dr. Fred by the way. And I am right. Our young guys lost a couple of games but they accomplished more than any other Ranger team has under a manager who has more post season appearances than any other manager ever had. The third winningest manager is Texas history by both percentage and number of wins.
Tese kids have it going on. These guys will be back next year and who knows maybe….Meanwhile we saw mostly excellent baseball.

Dr. Fred, I need something for my depression please.

Watch reruns/cds/tapes of this years Rangers and see some superior baseball. That would brighten up all but the most depressed. Ya wanna talk baseball or do you just want to be a spoon? I’m ready to talk baseball at any time.

I’m depressed that they are apparently letting every quack with a laptop become a doctor these days. Notice the lack of posts in this blog? Everyone is seeing Dr. Fred, the new mediator, say he wants to talk baseball but has merely repeated himself over and over with the same load of crap. Quit living off of reruns, win records and past statistics, and get real Dr. Fred. Changes need to be made so that the Rangers can WIN the World Series next year. I’m sure the team is in the film room right now watching games from this past season, and players are saying, “oh yeah, remember that?…we were awesome”. Your license needs to be revoked. Let’s put it to the test here…you want to talk baseball? Try to resist the temptation to follow up this post with another of your repetitive, insulting and arrogant raves, and talk about some things the Rangers can do to improve next season….Not how great you are, and how great the Rangers have been in the past. It was an exciting season this year…you are at least right about that, but something needs to give. Such as focusing on getting an ace.

Of course we need an ace…do you have one up your sleeve? ( a little comic relief) Every team out there wants an ace. They are expensive. It’s cheaper to stockpile hitting and that’s what teams like the Rangers are forced to do.

I think Wilson will walk but I have always said he’s a #2 or #3 (or in Philly a #5). I don’t see dropping 80 mil on him but there is no one else out there. That said he won 16 for us.

If you want to manufacture a trade for a 1 or 2 the other team will Perez and Profar. Nolan Ryan and JOn Daniels have already said no to that….That leaves us with some spare parts to trade which will never get us a 1 or 2.

I think we sign Prince Fielder before we sign a #1. All he wants is money which we have! We score 6 runs a game which makes Feldman the #5.

All this is not what I want but is what it is.

Rants and raves are not talking baseball. Saying the Rangers are crap is not what a fan does…it’s what a spoon does. The Rangers need some improvement to win…I think we all agree. But they won more games this last year than any other Ranger team!

To clarify, I said that what YOU were saying was a load of crap…not the Rangers. There’s the spoon comment again. Couldn’t resist. Props though on the baseball talk, even though the props are coming from a spoon. Truce please, Fred.

I’m not at war with you….I’m just here to talk baseball. One way or another I catch 164. I’m a ranger fan…if they’re not playing I’m not watching. I’m retired so I have time.
I have a dislike for “haters” because they are by the very definition unreasonable. But no one has to agree with me ever.
I truly enjoyed the season and the Ranger accomplishment…disappointed they didn’t win but great baseball up too that point ( contrast that with EMC above) ….oh and I’m old enough to try not to be angry except for race baiters and then I think Edmund Burke.

Most of this last doesn’t refer to you but if gores someone else’s ox so be it.

I think (and I’m sure you would agree) that you and I are on two completely different wavelengths here. First, I am not a hater. I love the Rangers, and thouroughly enjoyed the season as well. Yes, they had a great season, but Washington made some decisions in the series that I strongly believe cost us the win. That was my point from the beginning. I never claimed hatred for anything other than the fact that I believe he made bad decisions and we lost because of it. Secondly, the only thing to this point that you have really said is that none of these things really matter because you enjoyed the season so much, we have so much to look forward to, and the teams accumulative stats and accomplishments this season were so wonderfull that the world series loss doesn’t even matter. I’m really glad that you enjoyed this season so much, and that you are such a big fan of the Rangers. If the Rangers make it all the way to the series for the next five years and lose each time, are you going to just stand to the side with this passive attitude and say “I’m dissapointed, but it has been such a glorious season of baseball to watch….We’ll get em’ next year”.? This is my only forum in which to express my opinions of the Rangers to anyone other than my wife and kids. So if I have something to say, critical or not, I’ll say it. Please don’t assume people are “haters” just because they have something critical to say about there team….therefore they are unreasonable and undignified. Come on people…somebody else comment on these things other than me and Fred.

I thought that maybe you read my post before reply Jon. See the first clause? Now look at the last line.

And yes I will be happy if for the next five years we get to the post season….would like to win…who wouldn’t… but I’ll be proud of the team for their accomplishments.
Winning isn’t everything Jon…as our beloved manager says “Respect the game.”

YOu ask too much of a manager. He doesn’t get out on the field. YOu can pick on his decisions (mostly from hindsight) but you’re not there in his brain. Let me just take two of the situations people are upset about.

I may get these a little wrong but bear with me. Beltre is on third (and the TV announcers in their infinite wisdom) Some say run Gentry. Late Innings I think in a tie game. Idea Gentry will score and we’ll lead. However what if Gentry doesn’t score or what if the score doesn’t hold up…who plays third? Who we have available there for third is German…what if the Beltre spot comes up again. Do you want German or Beltre.

Rangers are in doubles defense…outfielders deep….Why…because you don’t want the hitter (forgot who it was but he had power…I think Freese) to beat you…a tie is ok. YOu’re trying to make the best of a bad situation…you got the runners on already…they score we’re tied…the batter scores we’re down. Of course the Fox announcers don’t like it and so the fans think Washington was wrong. Buck never played…he’s just a super fan…and the Catcher McCarver never managed….and besides both of them go deep in their relationship to the Cardinals…30 years for 1, 17 for the other plus his Dads years as their announcer. Be careful of your sources.

Lewis batting…who would have batted for him….Torrealba. (who has cooled since he’s not been playing) now balance that against another inning of Lewis pitching …aqll the while knowing that your bullpen is letting you down.

Just think about it Jon before you get angry about the manager. Maybe he’s ot a dunce?

Geeez….I’m not angry. I submit! Uncle…..Uncle!!

I think Ron Washington himself would think you are just too darn optimistic! Not to mention that in professional baseball (this isn’t little league), winning is everything. That’s what these guys are payed to do. Win. Maybe I need to retire as well so I can have such a rosie outlook on everything.

I’m moving on. I enjoyed the banter Fred.

Move on Jon….but winning is not everything. Playing the game with respect is everything. (I think what we have here is a difference in ages Jon)

Whatever you say Fred. As long as everybody plays a respectful game, they are happy. Your’e right Fred.

Not plays a respectful game Jon…respects the game. (lol You don’t lie well)

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