Hamilton playing through significant discomfort

Josh Hamilton said before Game 2 that he would probably be on the disabled list with a strained left groin muscle. Hamilton is trying to play through the discomfort but it hasn’t beem easy. Hamilton said the key is not to over-extend himself and make it worse.

More on the website soon.


That game last night was a CLASSIC and I am ecstatic this morning. However, I have to ask this question. As much as I love Josh Hamilton, at what point does it become obvious that he is hurting the team? I would rather see someone else have a chance at better at bats and watch Josh come off the bench as a pinch hitter in key situations than watch him struggle and make outs in the early innings. It might not be so bad here when we have a DH. But, in the National League Park, his spot along with the pitcher’s spot gives us a 7 man lineup. Once again, I love Josh Hamilton, but it takes an entire team to win this series and they don’t have that with him on the field right now. A Kirk Gibson-esque performance seems more logical than running him out there every day. Plus, you have to consider him too. He needs to give this injury a chance to heal. How much weaker are we with David Murphy in Josh’s spot and the combination of Chavez and Gentry in the other OF spot? At least they are healthy, this has been a small ball series and the Rangers certainly know how to play small ball. And, they still have power in Beltre, Cruz, and Napoli not to mention Kinsler. I wonder what others thoughts are.

I’ve asked myself the same question but it comes down to this for me…Hamilton thinks he can be effective. Maybe if you’re the manager you don’t listen to every player who says that but I think I would listen to Josh if I were the skipper. These guys are professionals and I think that means something….and Rodney…who drove in the first run? Enjoy watching he series. And to further complicate things….you might be right.

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