Rangers announce C.J. Wilson World Series Game One Starter

C.J. Wilson will start his third consecutive playoff Game One start in St. Louis for the opening game of the World Series.
“He’s my number one guy, nothing has changed,” Rangers manager Ron Washington said.
Washington also said they had not planned out who would start Game Two.


Great, that way we can start off the series down one game. Perfect way to begin the World Series!
CJ has been awful in the postseason yet Ron Washington keeps going to him because they named him their “ace” this season. What a joke!
CJ Wilson is the only real threat that exists for the Texas Rangers. He is the Rangers own version of Tony Romo. When you really need him, he’s not there.

That’s fair, maybe, but don’t you think CJ’s due for a win, finally? I certainly think he has it in him to make some angry birds in St Louis…

Who would you start in game 1, Gary? Can’t help but notice you didn’t offer an alternative.

Anyone can have a slump…look at Michael Young or just frankly anyone on the team this season…they all went thru it. We have 4 starters…one of them has to pitch….

An alternative would be ANY other pitcher on the staff but him. But if you need names, maybe you don’t know any of their other pitchers so I’ll name a few that could give us a Game 1 quality start.
Colby Lewis
Alexi Ogando
Scott Feldman
That’s just 3 names, but hey if you like your pitchers to give up the long ball constantly the by all means choose CJ and Koji Uehara to really screw things up,

People conveniently forget that the reason Ogando is not starting, is that he doesn’t have a 3rd pitch. Something that is irrelevant when working out of the bullpen. Lewis has to start game 3 b/c you want him to make both starts on the road. Feldman, interesting, but there is no way you start a guy for the first time in over a month in the world series, especially game 1. Cj was an ace during the regular season, better than Carpenter, gotta trust him to get the job done. One thing i will say is that there is no reason Holland should be ahead of Harrison in the Rotation order. Give the 3/7 slot to Harrison, who has been effective, if only for 5 innings, when he is out there.

All very coherent points, Teddy. Nobody knows what will happen Wednesday but CJ outpitched Verlander in game 1 of the last series. It’s not out of the question that he could do the same against Carpenter.

Fred is completely right. There were internet managers screaming for Michael Young to be dropped from the cleanup spot based on a few games rather than his overall body of work. I’m thankfull Ron Washington isn’t as reactionary as a lot of the fan base seems to be.

What? CJ pitched game 1 and we’re down a game? Anybody, and I mean ANYBODY who thought he would “redeem” himself or finally come through should probably slap yourself!
CJ Wilson sucks in the post season and obviously always will!
Free agent market? How’s that looking now?
If ALL the St. Louis pitchers were laying down in the batters box, then CJ might be a great World Series pitcher. The only problem is, is that they are standing up so pitching into the dirt is highly ineffective!
CJ Wilson sucks ass!!

Yeah, Gary, I’m sure if you were setting up the playoff rotation, those 2 runs the offense put up would have held up for the win.

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