Young starting at shortstop

Michael Young is starting at shortstop tonight. It will be his first start at SS since he won the Gold Glove in 2008. Elvis Andrus is starting at designated hitter for the first time in his career


I think this is in direct response to the condition of Blanco’s back. German play’s 2nd and 3rd but not short. Washington is going to want the 3rd catcher I think….he’s wanted one when ever possible this season. Michael Young hasn’t been at short this season and I think they want to see what he does. Speculation yes…but I’ll bet I’m right.

I think you are right about that Fred. And, Treanor was good in the post season last year. This team’s versatility is huge. I can’t remember another playoff team that is or has been this versatile. And, the guys are all in a “zone” right now that I hope carries into the playoffs. There is something about this team that feels really good right now. It’s like the planets are aligning…..or something.

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