Playoff Game 1 time set

New York rules the world. If the Rangers play at home on Friday… Game 1 will begin at 4:07 p.m. against either the Red Sox or Tampa Bay. If the Rangers play the Yankees in Game 1 in New York… they will begin at 7:37 p.m. at Yankee Stadium. Rangers are still one up on the Tigers. They can also tie a club record with their 95th win tonight


Yankees don’t rule the world. They are a bunch of baseball players who on any given day can be beaten by our Texas Rangers. Go rangers. One game at a time

Amazingly, the Yanks are only one game over .500 in night games (they kill in the day). Texas is just about the reverse, albeit a bit better in the day than the Yanks are in the night, and a bit less dominant at night than New York is in the day.

Either way, bring ’em on. All I want is for our opponents to bring their best stuff and for my beloved Rangers to bring their best stuff. I like our chances whoever we play.

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