Monday Morning Manager…

Today is Carl Yastrzemski’s birthday. The player now referred to as the Greatest Living Red Sox turns 72 today. Not sure how he’ll spend the day but word is a good bet is that he will be fishing somewhere on the Merrimack River up in New England.

The high in Merrimack, N.H. will be 79 degrees. The Red Sox will celebrate Yaz’s birthday by playing in 100 degree heat here in Arlington as the Rangers open up a 10-game homestand after their swing through Oakland, Anaheim and the South Side.

The heat is still here and so are the Angels. They are only four games behind the Rangers and due in for the weekend after the for games with the Red Sox. Then come the Rays to finish off the series, and then the Rangers are off to Boston and Tampa.

That will be in September and maybe the heat will break by then. But right now it is still hot in Texas and hot in the American League West. If anybody thought things would cool off by now, they haven’t unless you are fishing on the Merrimack River.

Why, they told me to take a streetcar named Desire and then transfer to one called Cemetery and ride six blocks and get off at Elysian Fields.

Blanche DuBois, A Street Car Named Desire.

1. Anybody worried about the Angels?

2. Who is a tougher opponent, the Red Sox or the Yankees?

3. The Angels are signing Jered Weaver to a five-year, $85 million contract. Should the Rangers do the same with C.J. Wilson?

4. Do you feel comfortable when Mike Adams and Koji Uehara come into a game?

5. Who is the Greatest Living Ranger?


Always worried about the Angels.
Yes, we should on C.J. One of our own.
Absolutely. They are still adjusting to new digs, and will be fine in playoffs.
Nolan Ryan, then Sundberg, a close second. There are lots of candidates, but Nolan was tough and good.

I’m not trust huehara,and now I trust Lowe
More then adams

1. — Let’s see: in the next month – excluding the 3 Rangers/Angels games at end of this week – the Angels play the White Sox (3 games) Mariners (7 games) Twins (3 games) A’s (3 games) and Orioles (3 games) – those teams have a combined 352-401 (.467 winning %) so far this year. While the Rangers in that same time period play: Boston (7 games) Tampa Bay (6 games) Oakland (3 games) Cleveland (3 games) and Seattle (3 games) – they have a 318-308 (.508 winning %) this year. The Rangers only have a 4 game lead, have 6 games left with the Angels, a tough schedule until the last 2 weeks of the season while the Angels schedule appears pretty soft – heck yes I’m worried.
2. — Talent wise – the Red Sox, psychologically – the Yankees. Still think the organization as a whole has a mental block about the Yankees that makes them a more formidable opponent than they should be.
3. — I don’t like to speculate about contracts since there are too many variables behind the scenes/unknown to the ordinary fan. For example: how the player really feels about the org, how much negotiating they leave up to their agent, and what kind pressure the MLBPA puts on the player to test free agency etc. My guess is that CJ becomes a free agent because he is involved with MLBPA, and they always want players to test the market before signing.
4. — I’m okay with Adams (since joining Rangers: 2.89 ERA, 2 Blown Saves, 1 Win 2 Losses) – not so impressed with Uehara (since joining the Rangers: 4.32 ERA, 4 Blown Saves, 0 Wins, 2 Losses).
5. — I’m going to commit sacrilege here: it’s Pudge Rodriguez. He’s homegrown, he had his best seasons with the Rangers and, in my opinion, only left as a free agent because Tom Hicks spent so much money on ARod that he wasn’t going to pay Pudge. Wish he had been with the Rangers last season when they went to the World Series. Nolan Ryan is a HOF pitcher, but his truly great years were with other teams – he signed with the Rangers because he didn’t like the owner of the Astros at the time and he wanted to play in Texas, not necessarily because he wanted to be a Ranger. I’m of the opinion that an everyday position player, developed by the Rangers through their farm system, an All-Star, who played with the franchise for 12+ is the greatest living Ranger.
** 6. — Bonus question – anyone want to re-visit their answer to the Monday Manager question of August 1st About Derek Holland finally putting it all together?

Of course everybody should be worried about the Angels…too much giddiness last week.
Red Sox definitely… they will win the East
Better him than Hu Darvish
Juan Gonzalez

1. Absolutely I’m worried about the Angels…as long as Sosh is the manager. (No that’s not familarity that’s a senior moment in which I forgot how to spell his name.)
2. They all play the same game that we do.
3. That’s 17 million average. That’s probably what he gets on the market. I’ve always been a guy who wants us to have a number one starter….this will surprise you but I’m not for signing Wilson at that price….I think Ogando is our number 1 and that number 5 will come out of the farm system or out of the bullpen.
4. Absolutely comfortable. These guys are pros and Ron Washingon is still figuring out the situations in which they can give us maximum return.
5. Nolan Ryan…for so many reasons but most of all for pulling us out of the 3rd place doldrums.
6, No Elinor I’m comfortable with my answer.

1. No.
2. I think the Red Sox pitching is better but we still have that Yankee mystique and the Yankees would love a chance at payback for last year. (Wow, talk about a wishy-washy non-answer.)
3. Not sure on C.J. I would like to see him stay here, but the greater good still must prevail. So, only if it’s best for the franchise.
4. Yes. They will be fine.
5. I have a 3-way tie. Jim Sundberg (home grown, best years here, gold glove defensive game changer, still here as an effective marketer/ambassador of franchise) Toby Harrah (home grown, lives locally, played, coached, and managed here, wore his original Rangers 70’s uniform when the old stadium closed, bleeds red, white and blue), Tom Grieve (home grown, played his best years here, worked his way up from bottom to become an above average farm director, a good GM, and a fun broadcaster, still lives locally). These 3 not only served in different capacities with the organization, but they raised their families here and are an important part of the Metroplex for over 40 years. Nolan Ryan is bigger than the Texas Rangers. He is the greatest living baseball icon and there is Texas bias involved in that statement! Many younger fans don’t remember Sundberg, Harrah, and Grieve, but they paid the early dues for the franchise and they deserve to be held and remembered in high esteem.

Rodney…I can’t disagree with your selections…..especially Tom Grieve.

1. Yes. They have great starting pitching. If some of their old bats get hot, they’re a force to be reckoned with.

2. Red Sox. Better rotation.

3. I’m with Fred on that being CJ’s market price. If you’d asked the question what will he get after filing for free agency, those are exactly the numbers I’d have thrown out there. I’m leary of giving long term deals to pitchers over 30, but if you’re going to make an exception a lefty who keeps himself in peak physical condition ain’t a bad way to go. It’s hard to imagine how the Rangers can replace 200 innings with a 3.50 ERA from within. I think if that’s the price, you pull the trigger. Otherwise, just to maintain the same level of play from this season you’re asking Matt Harrison not to regress, Alexi Ogando to stay healthy under the pressure of an undprecidented work load, Derek Holland to take the next step in his development and be 2012’s version of Matt Harrison and somebody else to step into the rotation and perform at an acceptable level. CJ is no ace, but he is a stabilizing force in that rotation.

4. I feel more comfortable with those two in a close game than anyone else in that bullpen. They’ve had some bumps, but they’re both very good pitchers. Failures are magnified when the sample size is small and the stakes are high. I’m comforable with what they bring over the longer haul.

5. Pudge Rodriguez.

6. I said he’s still a work in progress rather than a finished product and I stand by that. I’m still very high on his future with the ball club. Right now, he’s a good 5th starter.

1. About as much as I was earlier this year. Until the title is clinched, you have to be looking over your shoulder at second place. The fact that it is Mike Soscia and the Angels just makes it a little bit more obvious.

2. What, do you mean today? The Red Sox are the tougher opponent today because we are playing them today. I’ll probably say the same thing about the Yankees when we play them in October.

3. C.J. Wilson is not the kind of pitcher that Jered Weaver is. Personally, I’m shocked that Weaver took less than $100 Million to lock him up for 5 years. I think that Wilson, as good as he is, is going to have a hard time drawing an identical deal to Weaver because (A) Weaver is a true starter and will throw more innings. (B) Weaver throws harder. (C) Weaver has a lower career ERA. My guess is the Rangers let Wilson test free agency and buy him low at 6 years for $80 Million.

4. I feel very comfortable with Mike Adams… I’m not totally sold on Uehara yet. However, my reticence of Uehara stems from the fact that he seems to be suddenly hittable. However, it could be that he is just trying to find his sea legs in a pennant race and will get things straightened out in September. Maybe, but we will see.

5. I’m torn between Pudge and Nolan… Hard to bet against the all-time leader in Strikeouts and No Hitters, but you gotta love Pudge’s record of Gold Gloves and consecutive All Star appearances.

*Bonus question: I’m holding my ground on Derek Holland. He is starting to show some maturity, but he isn’t “arrived” yet.

For somebody who Ranger fans constantly consider “not an ace”, he sure does go out there and and perform at an ace level. All he does is shut down premium offenses like the Yankee’s and Red Sox all while pitching his face off in a hitter’s ballpark while stepping up going toe to toe when guys like Weaver are mowing the Ranger’s down. He’s also among the league leaders in just about every category there is for starting pitchers. Combine that with his work ethic and you’ve got an excellent guy heading up the rotation.

The Arlington as the Rangers open up a 10-game homestand after their swing through Oakland, Anaheim and the South Side.

No one said Wilson wasn’t a good pitcher…maybe just not an “ace” yet. Hefe I like your analysis on that better than mine.

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