Fan of the Game Voting now on-line with Jack Cross

The voting for the fan who will represent the Rangers next week on MLB Network is now on-line. Our three finalists are Michael Gonterwitz, Derek Boen and Brandon Roberts

If you vote, you are automatically registered to win a chance for two tickets to the All-Star Game next year in Kansas City. Here is one guy who is registering his vote right now: Jack Cross.



I voted! Won’t say who…except that I’ve read his answers on the Monday Morning Manager – if you answer you will get the vote (okay a really bad take off on Field of Dreams). Good Luck to all.

I voted for “Derek Boen”. I really like him playing. :)

I like all of the 3 players so I am not going to vote. I will only watch them.

Yes! All of them are good but I will vote one of them coz I wanna go to the All-star Game.

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