MLB Network looking for TV appearance by huge Rangers fan

Boys and girls…MLB Network is looking for a huge Rangers fan to appear on camera during the Aug. 25 broadcast of the Rangers-Red Sox game. If selected….you get two tickets to the game and get to go on television to read the lead-in to the game… They have done this at other parks and are now doing it with the Rangers on Aug. 25…
Here is what it will entail:
— Talk live with MLBN producers on August 21
— Be available for a 1/2 day shoot with MLBN producers on August 22 or 23 in the general vicinity of the Stadium
— If necessary, come to the ballpark at 1:00 on Gameday to record the open if it wasn’t captured on August 22 or 23
— Return to the stadium for the August 25 game and be in their seats during the 4th Inning
I am in the process of collecting names of people who are interested. If you are, please let me know this week:
We will pick three nominees and then there will be a vote by the readers for the winner: If you are interested, please let me know this week by answering these four questions:
1. Why are you a big Rangers fan?
2. What was your greatest personal moment as a Rangers fan?
3. What was your most memorable experience at the Ballpark in Arlington?
4. Why should MLB Network pick you?

Could be a lot of fun if you are interested.

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