LHP Ross Promoted to AA Frisco

LHP Robbie Ross has been promoted to AA to fill one of the open spots on the roster after the trade of Rob Erlin and Joe Wieland to San Diego.

The 22 year old Ross was the Rangers 2nd round draft pick in 2008 out of the Christian Academy in Lexington KY.   At Advanced A Myrtle Beach he has a 9-4 record, 2.26 ERA,  123 1/3 IP, 101 Hits, 28 BB, 98K, opponents are batting .227 against him.  For the month of July, he had an ERA of 1.38, 39 IP, 28 Hits, 7BB, 30 K.  He is scheduled to start Thursday night for the Roughriders when they play in Midland.


Nonsense as usual. 4/5 of the current rotation came directly out of the farm system. Francisco’s ERA is higher than Uehara and Adams combined AND doubled. But, hey, at least he played at Frisco and that is somehow more important than the fact that Mike Napoli has been much more valuable than him this season, and unlike Frank is under club control for another season. Volquez had one good half of baseball 3 years ago. Meanwhile Hamilton is an MVP and multiple all-star. Why not continue to cry for Galarraga, Gabbard and Young while you’re shedding tears for Volquez? Dempster has an higher ERA than EVERYONE in the current rotation, is making $13 million this year and at age 35 is owed $14 million next season. Man, that’s what this club is missing. An aging player with a bigger contract than any other pitcher on the team who has an ERA near 5 against the National League. Top notch BS. Thanks for simultaneously making me laugh and feel smarter.

Good move. Ross is pretty much a mirror immage of Erlin. That’s why I didn’t mind trading Erlin.

Congrats to Robbie Ross. Much deserved. I’ve never seen Erlin in person but I have seen Ross, and it was jaw dropping to think he was in A Ball. Very polished, excellent mound presence, good stuff, worked quickly and confidently. Impressive.
Whether he plays in Arlington or is part of a future deal, he will provide value to the Rangers, which IS the entire point of scouting and development.


By any other name, d’god is always d’god. If they trade Robbie Ross for a piece that gets us a trophy, I’m in. And, I’ll be sure to buy a copy of the World Series “DVD”…..”DVD”…..”DVD”…….by the way d’god, do us all a favor and sign in next time as Court Jester.

I believe our entire starting rotation pitch in our minor leagues. Let us not forget that Colby Lewis was drafted by the Rangers. The only pitcher mentioned above who would even have a shot at making it into our ration is Danks and he would still be a 4 or 5. If Smoak were still in our minor league system, I’m sure he would be considered a bust by now. We might not win the world series, but at least the trades made give us a shot.

If the Rangers still have Smoak, he’s killing AAA pitching and the Rangers don’t have an AL Pennant or the best season in franchise history.

Dear D’god or whatever you call yourself today: As we laugh at your not well thought out and several years old musings, I find myself with this question. If we rewind things back to before the two trades for Adams and Uehara, how would you in your infinite GM wisdom, address the bullpen issue? The Rangers went out and acquired the two best players that can turn this weakness into shut down good. But, without them, what would you do? Here’s your chance to hit a home run. You are d’good at identifying what you perceive as problems. Now, offer up a solution.

For a detective / investigator” D’god,” “Bradley,” ” Gives Away” you sure aren’t very smart. If your intention in choosing a new screen name was disquise you sure failed. How did 3 of us non-law enforcement types figure out it was you….same old same old rant.

For those of you new to the board go back to last year to read the ravings of this “ranger fan” filled with hate of Ron Washington, jealousy of Nolan Ryan and the jingoistic ideas that only people from Texas can have anything to do with the Rangers (Daniels was educated at Cornell) What an idge!

And D’god let’s get that DVD stuff off the table too. Danks is like 5 and 9 and really dragging the Sox down, Diamond is like 1 and 8 in the minors with an 8 era and Volquez…well he’s in the minors too….Tell me again how we needed to keep those guys!!!

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