Rangers have acquired Mike Adams for Erlin/Wieland

The Rangers have acquired reliever Mike Adams from the Padres….club officials confirm. Ninety minutes before the deadline club officials confirm the Rangers have acquired reliever Mike Adams.

The Rangers gave up Minor League pitchers Ronnie Erlin and Joe Wieland.




Adams is a great reliver and the bullpen has gone from a glaring area of need to a major strength, but I’m a little cool to the idea of gving up both these youngsters when Uehara was already in the fold. On the other hand part of builind a top notch minor league system is not only to supply talent directly, but to address areas of need through trade.

Good move. What makes this possible is depth.
The Ranger prospect pipeline is presently brimming with talent. I just saw Robbie Ross throw vs Wilmington in Myrtle Beach. My reaction was amazement at how polished he is, his stuff, and how this system could be so stacked that he would still be in A Ball. Prospect wise, he immediately takes Erlins’ slot on the list. And though they currently don’t have a Weiland replacement at hand, there are candidates, including Luke Jackson, Cody Buckel, and David Perez, not to mention the guys who were already ahead of him such as Scheppers, Hurley, Ramirez.
Crazy depth!

Lets go back to last year. In that time period we have given up Smoak, our first round pick, Beavan a pitcher, 1st round pick, Hunter another pitcher who won 13 games at the big league level and now Erlin and Wieland for two bull pen pitchers and those vaunted draft picks. Out Freaking Standing!!!! I want a team that just keeps stacking our young pitchers up, not trading them away. Other than C. J. Wilson and Kenny Rogers name one pitcher that we have kept and developed. You don’t trade your top starting pitching prospects for bullpen pitchers. If Daniels keeps it up our window will close without a title.

Without Daniels, there would be no window to discuss.
Great scouting, great management of resources, great balance between optimizing present opportunities and future potential.
Consensus is growing within the industry that Texas is the best organization in baseball.

Matt Harrison, Derek Holland, Alexi Ogando, Neftali Feliz….. sorry, you only wanted one. Take your pick, I guess. All in their 20’s and all under control long term.

Also under the things the Rangers have to show for those trades, you conveniently forgot an AL pennant and Mark Lowe.

Methinks that maybe D-god has a new screen name

The one thing no one seems to mention is that, at some point, all these great prospects (and that is all they are) will have to be protected on the 40 man roster. So, take away the 25 players in Arlington, and that leaves 15. While we may bemoan trading away Smoak, Beavin, Eiland, Erlin, etc. all it does is open up avenues for keeping our other young pieces. It’s not just about scouting and development, but also future roster management.

All I can say is this. The bullpen has been a GLARING weakness all year. How did the Rangers’ front office deal with it? They went out and got the best available to fill roles that they have been filling on their old teams. What did they give up? Chris Davis and his potential, Tommy “Big Game” Hunter who is a #3-#5 starter, and two really good prospects that are not upper tier prospects (as far as the total organization goes). For me, that spells “commitment to winning now”. That is what this organization is about. We can’t ask them to do anything more than they did. I’m quietly glad they didn’t do this to get Heath Bell. I don’t think he would fit because he is a closer and we already have one of those. And, if we choose to move Feliz to the rotation in the future, Adams might be able to step in as a closer. The new players fit into today’s roster better than the parting players. I wish the best for Davis, Hunter, Erlin, and Weiland. I wish to see them in the playoffs someday. I don’t know how anyone, sans d’got, can find anything negative about these trades.
That’s how baseball go! So, let’s go!

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