Rangers logically should land Bell

At some point in the next 24 hours, the Rangers should complete a trade for Padres reliever Heath Bell.

A deal has not been struck but there is little doubt the two sides have had a number of conversations. The Phillies and the Cardinals were supposedly interested in Bell but they have made other trades to upgrade their teams

The Padres appear to be in a mood to trade. Their general manager Jed Hoyer admitted earlier this week that the Padres don’t have the talent base to win. The Rangers are in a mood to trade. They keep admitting that they have an almost-dire need to upgrade their bullpen.

They are talking to other teams. But what this comes down to is what crown jewels of the farm system – if any – the Rangers are willing to give up for Bell. The Rangers in the past have shown a reluctance – whether it’s dollars or players – to invest heavily in the bullpen. But they do have the resources – possibly a pitcher and middle-of-the-diamond player – to make this deal.

The Padres know that Bell is a big trade chip and aren’t going to give him away the way the Mets did with Francisco Rodriguez. But they are obviously motivated to deal with the Rangers because of their attractive pitching prospects.

It’s not done. But logic suggests it will get done before the Rangers leave Canada


Does every scenario involve Holland in the deal? And if they do get Bell or Adams, does that make Rhodes days numbered?

I certainly hope that Holland is not part of the deal, that would be a huge mistake.

Why would you trade an SP, one that, despite the ups & downs, has had a great season so far, for what will be a rental in the case of Bell?

Holland for Bell? No way

We are going to wake up in 3 to 5 years and find that all of our young pitching depth is on other clubs. Sound familiar??

You don’t give up 2 25 year old players for one 36 year old player. Especially one that won 13 games for you last year as a starter. #1 you can never have enough starting pitching, #2 No one should lose their starting position due to an injury. If Wilson walks wouldn’t Hunter look good next year? Beavan, Hunter, Perez……. Sounds like DVD all over. You never ever, never ever trade young pitching. Davis just needs a full time chance, relax and let his natural ability take over. Sounds a little like Cruz, tweener can’t hit at major league level. Well guess what Cruz can hit at the major league level. Patience is a virtue. I remember the same thing being said about Adrian Gonzalez, now we are going to rue the day when Boston and Texas meet in the playoffs this year. I am personally tired of watching our former future stud players sticking it to us. ….. I said it last year and i say it this year, the Smoak/Beavan for Lee was only good if Lee re-upped with us. Our minor leagues aren’t so thick that we can continue to trade away good players and expect to continue to compete. Here is betting that Hunter and Davis become better players in Baltimore.

Crap! D’god’s back……..

Yes, he is back and he never wants to let any player go ever. If he was running the team, Armando Gallaraga and Kason Gabbard would be in the rotation and Anthony Webster would be sharing time in center field with Freddie Guzman. He’s also completely reversed course on the Lee deal, another in a long line of flip flops. Last year he says it was a good move if the Rangers don’t give up Perez or Scheppers (both of whom are still in the organization), now it was only a good deal if Lee re-signed. He’s also throwing out the gem that the Rangers will rue facing Adrian Gonazez because somehow not trading him would’ve kept the Red Sox from opening a bank vault for him when he filed for free agency. He’s just as out of touch with reality as ever. He wants to drone on about players who aren’t here anymore, but you never hear a word about all the great young talent that has come out of the minor league system to contribute to last season’s AL pennant winning team, this season’s first place team and the competative teams of the future because it doesn’t fit into his fantastic program of unlimited roster space, never making trades to improve the team and representing the front office as incompetent. Oh, my, oh my. Why didn’t the Rangers take his advice and sign Vlad to a 2 year extension? Same old dumb, cheap Rangers.

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