Rangers close to getting Uehara for Chris Davis and Tommy Hunter

The Rangers ar close to landing Orioles reliever Koji Uehara…. A deal could be be announced tonight or before the Trade Deadline tomorrow. But club officials have confirmed the Rangers are close to deal that would send pitcher Tommy Hunter and infielder Chris Davis to the Orioles for Uehara.

Uerhara has a 1.72 ERA in 43 games for the Orioles.



Seems like alot to give up for 36 year old reliever with a 3 lifetime ERA. I am sure Jamey Newberg and all the others who don’t like Chris Davis are happy. But you’ve got to ask: is this really the deal that puts the Rangers back in the postseason? I’m not sure the can even get past the Angels at this point.

I hate this trade. It doesn’t make any sense at all. You could have gotten a lot more in return for Tommy Hunter (a guy who could be a starting pitcher anywhere else) and Chris Davis (A guy who other teams were willing to give up much more for prior to the start of the season.

Fox Sports Baseball is reporting that this trade has been made. Orioles MLB site is also reporting this trade made. This guy is better than Heath Bell and is not just a one year rental. Davis had to be traded or Rangers would have lost him anyway. Do hate to see Tommy go.

He may be better than Heath Bell right now or he could turn into Eric Gange after he was traded to the Red Sox in 2007 – and again let me point out he’s 36 years old and 2 seasons agon he had an ERA in 4.00’s. If they had traded either Davis OR Hunter for him – I probably could like with that, but this is not Cliff Lee – this is not the guy who is going to lead the Rangers back to the World Series, I’m not sure he can even get Texas past Angels.

I like the logic on this trade.
(1) Chris Davis struggles to hit in the majors, so he gets traded to upgrade a struggling bullpen–solid move that doesn’t give that much for the Orioles because Davis struggles to produce at the major league level.
(2) Hunter is a good pitcher and, in reality, the “sting” of this trade. Yes, there are a lot of Ranger fans who believe in Chris Davis and are going to be up in arms that he has been traded, but Hunter has actually had success as both a starter and a reliever at the major league level.
(3) By trading a guy being used as a middle-reliever for a late-inning reliever, you don’t have to worry about if you are going to try to designate Tateyama (who is showing flashes of being incredible), Feldman (who probably wouldn’t clear waivers) or Lowe (who is rebounding). With Uehara, you don’t have to put any of those guys in the “danger zone” of the eighth inning.
(4) By trading for Uehara, you don’t have the drama of having two closers on the same team. If the Rangers do trade for Bell at this point, I would want to see Feliz optioned to the minors so that he can start stretching out to make a run at the rotation next year.

All said and done? Good deal, JD.

Reality is that fans who have watched these guys develop in this system from pretty much day one knew that we could see them leave at any time. The shock, I think is in the return. It’s not what we would have envisioned given what these guys mean to us. But that’s not determinative of their market value. Their market value is what someone else is willing to give up to get them in return. Seems we know what that is now.

On Uehara, I’m in the Orioles TV market so I hear a lot of talk on him. He’s very effective in his role, which is what Daniels/Washington are placing most value on at this time. Eleanor’s right, this doesn’t get you over the top, but it certainly fills a need. And as disappointing as it is in the context of how we feel about the guys going the other way, this is not a bad baseball move.

I have no problem with this trade. I liked Tommy Hunter but I’ve made it clear in the past that Chris Davis right now is just not ready for the bigs. Uehara is controlled (with 12 more appearancs) for next year at 4 million and that great for a guy who can set up or close for us if Feliz doesn’t get with the program. Good job JD and NOlan

Gagne was coming off shoulder issues that had limited him to 16 total games in the previous 2 seasons prior to his post deadline melt down. Uehara comes with no such physical issues. His mediocre ERA 3 years ago isn’t exactly germane being that it came as a starter. He’s a relieve now and that’s what he’ll do for the Rangers. As a reliever he’s got a 2.27 ERA and K’s 11.6 vs. only 1.3 BB per 9 IP.

Queue the violins for Chris Davis who somehow never got a chance despite 949 career plate appearances in the big leagues. I wish him luck in finding everyday playing time. He’ll fit right in with Baltimore’s low on base percentage program.

A note from TR’s article on the trade “The risk is that [36 year old] Uehara has had injury problems the past two seasons. He has been on the disabled list four times, twice with a strained left hamstring and twice with a strained right elbow”

I stand corrected on the health issue. Apologies.

I hope Chris Davis goes on to become the next Travis Hafner. I hope Tommy Hunter goes on to be the next John Lackey. Having said that, this is an excellent trade. Davis has had his chance, now there is no room for him on this team, and we were going to lose him after the season anyway. Tommy is our number 6 starter and will be passed up by a bunch of kids in the next couple seasons. We still have an emergency starter in Feldman. We essentially get the best availble player for our biggest need (8th inning setup) without losing a single prospect. If you look beyond the emotional loss, this is an excellent trade.

It is the emotional loss that is causing many fans to make ill advised, obviously biasede attempts to denigrate one of the most dominant relievers in the game. There is no way anyone could objectively say that Uehara doesn’t fill the club’s most glaring need of late inning relief.

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