Washington on Feliz, Wilson and his bullpen

Rangers manager Ron Washington spoke before Wednesday’s game:

On closer Neftali Feliz: “I’d like to see a little more fire…I want him to think it’s do or die. That’s what a closer is. I haven’t seen that as consistent as last year.”

On the need for relief help: “Yes we need reinforcements. We’re at the Trade Deadline. Everybody in the race is trying to make their team better. Every team in the race needs reinforcements. There are trades going on every day. There were a couple today. Of course we need reinforcements and the bullpen is a priority.”

On C.J. Wilson saying he was “100 percent unlucky” on Tuesday night, “I don’t know how you would describe unlucky. The ball goes through, the outfielder picks it up, they call that a basehit. I don’t know how you describe unlucky. He made good pitches, they put the bat on the ball and they found holes. That happens.”

On Wilson’s three walks in the fifth: “That was uncharacteristic of C.J. Very uncharacteristic. He usually makes a pitch and gets out of the inning. You don’t have to be lucky when you get a base on balls.”



My comment on Neftali is simple from the time he come’s out of the gate his body language tell’s you he level of courage, focus, and drive he has to accomplish the task before him on a scale of 1 to 10 looks like a 2… barley. When he is on the pitchers mound he can’t wait to get off. I agree when i hear others say where is the fire? Also he lazily walks around the mound when he’s doing well and when he’s not .I tell you he looks like he is in a FOG?? Trade Him before he hurt’s us i don’t care what he did last year what ever he had he lost it.

Could not agree more withthe comment above about Feliz. Angry, rich, get out of my face syndrome?

Wonder if CJ was unlucky today or he can admit that he sucked. Anyone worse than him holding runners in baseball?

I for one think we gave up to much for relivers that are having career years.

When is the manager going to stop playing favorites. I do hope, though, that he had the people out of the linup today for a wake up call.

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