Trade Deadline/Feliz

The Rangers are trying to engage clubs in trade talks for a setup reliever. Most clubs that have relief pitching to trade appear to be holding back until the last minute before pulling the trigger.


1. They are asking too much. Clubs that need relief pitching are still balking at given up Martin Perez-level prospects. They are waiting for the price to go down while the sellers are waiting for somebody to get desperate.

2. A club doesn’t to make a trade now for a mid-level prospect and find that they could have acquired a top level prospect on Sunday.

So everybody is waiting during what appears to be a sluggish market.

The Rangers know that Carlos Beltran can be acquired before Sunday. They like the impact bat. But they are expressing surprise that they are the front-runners and still think he will stay in the National League.

The Rangers want relief help. They also want Neftali Feliz to get his act together. The problem still seems to be too much reliance on his fastball.

Feliz threw 26 pitches on Tuesday night while giving up two run in the ninth inning. Of those 26 pitches, 23 were fastballs. He threw seven straight fastballs to Tsuyoshi Nishioka.

Feliz throws his fastball 82.1 percent of the time. That’s the eighth highest ratio of one pitch thrown among Major League pitchers who have thrown at least 500 pitches this year.

R.A. Dickey throws his knuckleball only 76.2 percent of the time.



It still blows my mind that so many people actually thought the dumb ol’ Rangers were eschewing the option of having Neftali Feliz become the ace of their rotation when he opened the season in the bullpen. Haven’t heard much from those folks lately. As recently as mid June Feliz had more walks that strikeouts and he’s been wildly ineffective when used in back to back games.

His lack of refinement and confidence in his secondary pitches made it difficult for me to believe that he was ready to be an effective starter before this season and that position has been proven by Feliz’ over reliance on his fastball, suspect command and general regression. Good pitcher? Yes. Bright future? Yes. Starter? Not with his current skill set. At this point I’d be happy if he just went back to looking like a closer.

And I’ll add to that Hefe….I think they overworked his arm in Spring Training trying to make him a starter. He hasn’t been the same since early spring. Frankly he is now part of the problem rather than part of the solution. Here is one thing I don’t understand though. I donned the tools of ignorance in kid ball…back then the catcher called the pitches and a good pitcher went with them or had a reason to shake them off. #1. Why are the catchers calling fast balls #2, Why is Maddux allowing that to happen. If we can tell that the guy is relying too much on his fast ball…which frankly hasn’t been that fast…why hasn’t management put a stop to it. I don’t like second guessing Maddux and Washington but I think the kid is being mishandled.

Very telling stat TR.

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