Rangers pushed for Beltran but want relief pitching far more

The Rangers were in on outfield Carlos Beltran to the end, according to club officials, but once the Giants put pitcher Zach Wheeler in the deal, that was it for them. Apparently that’s who the Mets wanted and the Rangers weren’t willing to go that level. Obviously blow-by-blow accounts of any conversations between Sandy Alderson and Jon Daniels aren’t going to surface but if the Mets wanted Martin Perez, that wasn’t going to happen.

The Rangers did like Beltran but bullpen is still their No. 1 priority. Club officials have made that clear in multiple venues and nothing has changed. That’s where this is headed and those with relievers to trade are holding back to the end for the best deal possible.

There has been talk about starting pitching but that would be a mistake. If Derek Holland is your fifth starter, there is no dire need for starting pitching.



I never thought I would hear these words in relation to the Rangers, “there is no dire need for starting pitching”, but your probably right.

33rd best prospect in baseball for a true 2 month rental with zero prospect for recouping draft talent. Prospects are just that, prospects, but this says serious overpay.

The Mets got a premium young talent because the Giants felt like they desperately needed a bat. I’m very surprised the Mets got a prospect of that caliber, but Beltran makes that line up a lot better.

You know this is a little reminiscent of all the time we lost focusing on a pitcher in Arkansas, we need a real closer and more help in the bullpen not a replay of the Twilight zone’s time-wasters extraordinaire lets go shopping in in Little Rock? you wonder what the top flight personal of the Texas Rangers main office are really thinking–and–doing?

I guess, that’s true if you think they don’t have enough personel to focus on more than one task. I’m not sure what they missed out on while negotiating with Cliff Lee. It’s not like there were any other good free agents to negotiate with

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