Monday Morning Manager…Trade Deadline Approaches

So the Rangers went down quietly on Sunday to Brett Cecil but the Newberg crowd had another big night at the Ballpark. Jamey will probably share the details but early kudos on another successful endeavor of a great tradition that raised significant money for a worth cause.

Rangers general manager Jon Daniels did a Q&A with them and – although quite illuminating in other areas – apparently wasn’t too forthcoming on trade discussions, especially when they asked about Carlos Beltran.

Apparently he was also without answer when somebody – referring to Bead Pitt as Billy Beane in Moneyball – asked who would play him in a movie. Kevin Spacey comes to mind with Robert Redford in a supporting role as…

Never mind. The deadline is approaching and Daniels is staying busy with that, admitting that the bullpen is still the No. 1 priority. Won’t touch Beltran questions other than allowing that the Rangers are looking at all possibilities, which is what is expected of him in just about any situation.

Of course teams that are selling should also call Daniels because the Rangers farm system remains one of the best in the game, even after the many trades made last summer. A lot of breakout seasons in the works down there: Robbie Erlin, Joe Wieland, Tommy Mendonca, Neil Ramirez, et. al.

Even Eric Hurley is starting to reassert himself again.

1. Would you trade Martin Perez to the Mets for Carlos Beltran?

2. Would you trade either Robbie Erlin or Joe Wieland to the Padres for Heath Bell?

3. Would either Hiroki Kuroda or Ubaldo Jimenez be an upgrade for the Rangers rotation?

4. What is your take on Chris Davis at this point?

5.  What do you think the Rangers highest priority should this week?



1. Actually…sure why not….Perez doesn’t seem that untouchable with all the other young arms they have.
2. No…no starters for relievers
3. When did Kuroda become a big deal? Jimenez was a one-hit wonder
4. Seems overmatched at the big league level
5. Go get Beltran

1. No
2. No
3. Kuroda not an upgrade, Jimenez would be, cost is relative
4. Play him, late bloomer, value trending up
5. Tyler Clippard would be best get, likely not moving
Grant Balfour would be an upgrade
All others may be prohibitive when weighing cost/benefit

1. No. Perez is at the top of a list of at least 6 prospects that I wouldn’t trade for Beltran.
2. I’d hate to let go of either of those guys, but yes. Part of having a great farm system is not only to develop talent from within, but to be able to go out and address areas of weakness through trade. Bullpen is the weakest area. The fact that when Bell leaves via free agency, the Rangers would receive compensatory draft picks is the deciding factor for me.
Jason Parks wrote a great piece about how Erlin could be more valuable to the Padres than the Rangers because of the high amount of home runs he gives up and the respective ballparks the two teams play in.
3. Yes, but I don’t know how much of an upgrade with Kuroda and Jimenez would cost the farm because of his track record and club friendly contract. Jimenez’ velocity dip scares me, though. He could be Zambrano-ing, going from a top or the rotation type to more of a (still very good) mid rotation pitcher.
4. He’s better defensively, but I doubt he’ll ever be a better offensive player than Russell Branyan. Valuable, but more of a role player than a star.
5. Late inning, right handed relief. There are plenty on the market (supposedly) and the farm system is deep.

“Our pitching staff is a conspiracy of ifs.” – Branch Rickey
1. No
2. Only if Bell agrees to a 2-3 contract extension (so Feliz can move into the rotation)
3. Jimenez would be a nice fit for the ballpark (ground ball pitcher) – not impressed with Kuroda. But the price for both is probably too steep – they aren’t exactly Cliff Lee type pitchers, or even better than the Rangers current rotation.
4. Jon Daniels said at the Newberg Q and A last night that the Rangers were sticking with Mitch Moreland because he is a young player who will have his ups and downs as part of the learning process. Wish that he would show the same patience and give Davis the same opportunity.
5. First – win games, Second – win games, Third – win games, Fourth – win games, Fifth – show patience at the trade deadline, there does not appear to be a player “on the block” that is worth cleaning out the farm system this year.

1. Not for a 2 month rental player who doesn’t come with compensatory picks. Beltran would be an upgrade, but I think we have plenty in the system that we can use that would offer a better package than the other 4 teams pursuing him.
2. Yes. I see the upside of either of those players as a 3 or 4 starter. We have plenty of those in the system.
3. Both would be more consistent than Holland, but the upgrade is negligible and I wouldn’t be willing to give up top prospects for them.
4. I have a feeling Davis will follow if the footprints of Adrian Gonzales, Travis Haffner, and Carlos Pena. He will be a future star for another team.
5. Mike Adams

1. Categorically no. Beltran is good and would be an upgrade in CF (even though I like the Chavez/Gentry duo), but you need a lot more than a two month rental–that also has no compensatory picks afterward, by the way–for your number 1 prospect. If I’m the GM, the only way the Mets get their paws on Perez is if there is a lot of cash in the deal and Jason Isringhausen as a follow player.

2. I would trade Robbie Erlin for Heath Bell or Tyler Clippard. Mostly because Erlin is homerun-bound. Wieland? Forget it… he’s got too much upside to be the centerpiece in a deal for a single-inning guy.

3. Either would be far more consistent than Derek Holland. So yes. But then again, name a number 2 starter that wouldn’t be an upgrade from a number 5 starter.

4. Someone mentioned patience earlier…… how much patience do we need to show? Davis has spent parts of 3 seasons with the big league club, and he gets made to look silly by big league pitching. At this point, Davis is proving to be a big-league defender with a AAAA bat… so basically, the same thing we have thought for the last two years. I like Chris Davis and wish him all the best… but huge power doesn’t do you much if you never make contact. Maybe it is possible to hide him until he turns 30 like we did with Nelson Cruz, but I doubt it.

5. The same as it has always been… upgrade the bullpen and find ways to win in the mean time. Adams, Bell, Clippard, Coffey, Nunez, Street–all supposedly available. I smell a deal…

In case anyone missed it, the team picked up 27 hits… Chris Davis? 0-6.

These are easy questions today..
1. No…it’s a two month rental with no draft picks at the end. The guy reportedly wants a National League club…We wouldn’t be able to sign him next year.
2. Yes…but not give up the farm or the best of our farm pitchers….although I admit that that’s what prospects are for… Lowe in the 7th, Bell in the 8th and Feliz in the 9th…nice.
3. Absolutely not…neither are an improvement over the starters we have now.
4. I would trade him to a division rival in an LA minute for 10 bats and a season pass to 6 flags.
5 No question it’s late inning relief. our starters are going to wear down a bit and the bullpen will be more important than it is now down the streatch….one more sold late inning arm….Bell, Adams, League something like that

For the Rangers the time is now. There’s no guarantee that CJ will be back next season. There’s no guarantee that Colby or Harrison or Holland will repeat their performances next year.
So, the window is open. Forget about the prospect of prospects. The time to go for it is now.
Trade Perez for Beltran.
Trade Erlin or Wieland — or both — for Bell.
Now is the time.

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