Weekends With Toby: Almost Too Hot To Write

Toby says: Be Cool!

Toby’s Crystal Ball

Nice job by the Angels. They could have been easily swept but instead they took two of three from the Rangers. They are within three games of first place. They are now about to hit the road: three in Baltimore, three in Cleveland and four in Detroit. They are in for an interesting stretch.

Toby’s Honor Roll

1. C.J. Wilson – Nice job of deflecting Thursday’s blame away from Endy Chavez by pointing out he was the one who hit Howie Kendrick. That’s being a good teammate.

2. Mike Maddux and Andy Hawkins – The Rangers pitching coach and bullpen coach do a fabulous job of putting together a game plan for their pitchers.

3. Gary Pettis and Dave Anderson – The Rangers outfield and infield coach likewise do a fabulous job of positioning their defensive players properly

Toby’s Fun Names

They are household names in Arlington and North Texas, but not everywhere. In other places, these names are remembered otherwise:

Michael Young – businessman who helped bring about the end of apartheid in South Africa. He said he resolved conflicts by: “Having an analytical set of propositions” and “Taking the process away from the theatre – removing the potential for playing to the gallery.”

Christopher Wilson – British General who was big into artillery, ordinance and blowing things up.

David Murphy – CIA station chief in Berlin during the 1961 Berlin Wall crisis. He helped President Kennedy manage the crisis. He and his KGB counterpart later wrote a book together.

Josh Hamilton – Broadway director of the play “Fat Pig”. Also won an Emmy in 1984 for the CBS Schoolbreak Special.

Matthew Harrison – Film director for such classics as “Rhythm Thief” and “Kicked in the Head”.

David Anderson – Cattle rustler who rode with Billy the Kid. He was known as Buffalo Billy as opposed to William F. Cody who was known as Buffalo Bill.

Scott Feldman – Long Island television news anchor.

Arthur Rhodes – Star cricket player for the Yorkshire County Cricket Club. A right arm fast medium bowler. Took 107 wickets.

Chris Davis – Guitarist for the British band Spotlight Kid and drummer for Six by Seven.

Andy Hawkins – Bassist in the British punk rock band Midget.

Nelson Cruz – Long distance runner from Cape Verde who won a gold medal in the 2006 Lusophony Games in Macau.

Andres Blanco – Venezuelan poet of significant national repute.

Thomas Hunter – Irish patriot who was a captain in the 1916 famous Easter Rising. His battalion captured a biscuit factory. Not sure what they did with it.

Toby’s Puppies

1B Andrew Clark (Low A Hickory) was named South Atlantic Player of the Week.  Clark (13th round draft pick in 2010) hit .391 with 4 HRs and 12 RBI.

OF Jared Bolden (Advanced A Myrtle Beach) is the Carolina League player of the week.  He hit .583 with 2 Doubles, 3 HRs and 8 RBI.   Bolden was drafted in 2008 (9th round).

The Hickory Crawdads Bullpen – if you are one of those tweeters – (as Toby is) we suggest that you follow  CrawdadsBullpen.  We’re not sure who writes their tweets, but they are entertaining – as minor league baseball should be.

Toby Barks: Never, ever underestimate a Mike Scioscia managed team –Growl!

Birthdays:  In honor of the HOF inductions this weekend, it’s all HOF birthdays this week

Cardinals RHP Jessie Haines:  born July 22,  1893, inducted to the HOF 1984

Dodgers IF Harold Henry “Pee Wee” Reese: born July 23,  1918,  inducted to the HOF 1984

Dodgers RHP Don Drysdale: born July 23, 1936,  inducted to the HOF 1984

Beaneaters, Bridegrooms, Quakers OF Tommy McCarthy: Born July 24, 1863, inducted to the HOF 1946

He played for everyone.  Knuckleballer extraordinaire Hoyt Wilhem: Born July 26, 1922, inducted to the HOF 1985

Dodgers, Giants, Cubs, Astros manager Leo “The Lip” Durocher: Born July 27, 1905, inducted to the HOF (as manager) 1994

HOF Birthday of the Week: “These are the saddest possible words: ‘Tinkers to Evers to Chance’ “ SS Joe Tinker born July 27, 1880, inducted to the HOF 1946.

Toby’s Reading List

At MLB.com: Peter Gammons likes the Rangers.

Toby’s never seen “A Christmas Story” but is sure many readers have and will get the reference in this story from Yahoo’s Big League Stew.

Roy Halladay leaves game with heat exhaustion at Wrigley Field – you mean there are stadiums other than the Ballpark in Arlington where it’s too hot for ace pitchers? Really?

Last Call

“They can play just like we can play. They took two of three. We’ll move on. The season is not over.” –Manager Ron Washington on the Angels

Woof! Pant! Woof! – Toby


Kicked in the Head had a good cast. Kevin Corrigan, Michael Rappaport, James Woods, Lily Taylor, Linda Fiorentino. Not a great movie though. I enjoyed it in the 90’s, but it didn’t age well.

My father in law was in the USSR during the Cuban missile crisis, received a call from Robert Kennedy, heard “is that you Georgie?”, when my father in law answered, his name is George yes, Kennedy hung up, wrong Georgie.

1st baseball book I ever read was “the Pee Wee Reese Story”

Saw Hpyt Wilhelm pitch for the South Siders sometime around 66. Moose Skowron played 1st and mostly pinch hit. Eddie Stanky was manager, I think.

Durocher was managing the Cubbies around the same time. Remember seeing new flamethrowing trade acquisition (Phillies, I believe) warming up in the bullpen to come in in relief in his 1st Cub appearance, remember thinking he looked pretty special, his name was Ferguson Jenkins.

I’m getting old TR

i see that because it was to hot to write that you got drunk instead and let your alter-ego toby write some trash for you

Well that was bad manners!

Ron Washington needs to be fired……he’s the worst “manager” ever!
No votes for the Rangers to the all star team…my votes go to the Astros.
I predict Nolan will be connected with the Astros in some capacity within 2 years, now that his son is with the Astros.

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