Monday Morning Manager: Halfway There

TR’s  left Toby in charge of the questions this morning.

Three days vacation for some players, but for the rest of us, especially the Monday Morning Managers, we are hard at work. 

 So we’ve reached the traditional halfway point of the season, never mind that the Rangers have played 92 games (the actual halfway point was almost 2 weeks ago).  Time to reflect and predict.

With that in mind:

1. Who is your Rangers First Half MVP?

2. Who is the Rangers First Half Cy Young?

3. Who was the most surprising player? Who was the biggest disappointment?

4. There are 71 games left to the season, what do think  the Rangers record will be in those 71 games?

5. What about the Angels? Are you worried, or not?

Bonus Question: Are you going to watch any of the All-Star events?

Cum homine de cane debo congredi!

Woof ! – Toby


1. Michael Young
2. Ogando
3. Most Suprising- Endy Chavez
Biggest disappointment- Julio Burbon
4. 41-29
5. Their starting pitching is very scary. It’s going to be a great fight in the second half.
Bonus: Every second of it.

1. Josh Hamilton – look at the Rangers record while he was on the DL vs since he’s returned.
2. CJ Wilson – consistent, reliable, must get him signed long term!
3. Surprise: Yorvit Torrealba – since Pudge left (sigh) I haven’t expected much from the catcher – and they mainly lived up to (or lived down to) that expectation. He’s hitting .325 since June 1st – nice!
Disappointment: David Murphy – he gets alot of ink from fans- but really hasn’t been as good as his previous seasons.
4. 38-33
5. I never count out a Mike Scioscia managed team. And all those stories about the Angels getting “old” might be a little exaggerated when you look at their roster: Mike Trout age 19, Peter Bourjos age 24, Mark Trumbo age 25, Jordan Walden age 23. If their bullpen remains better than the Rangers… then I won’t be worried about saving money for October baseball.
Bonus: I’ll watch the Home Run Contest (love that) I’m not going to stay up too late watching the game … unless it turns out to be interesting.

1. Michael Young. Hamilton has swung a better bat when healthy, but Michal has been good all season long. I’d give an honorable mention to CJ Wilson for being such a stabilizing factor in the rotation and averaging 7 innings a start.
2. I have to go with Ogando. What a great first half.
3. Matt Harrison for most surprising. David Murphy for most disappointing.
4. 39-32
5. Yes. Weaver, Haren and Santana should keep them in the race. The Rangers, even with a 7 game win streak, were unable to open up a lead because the Angels won 11 of their last 13. Both teams are playing their best baseball right now.
I’ll probably DVR home run derby so I can watch it more quickly later and I’ll watch most of the All-Star game.

Just for the record, there are only 70 games left.

1. Michael Young
2. C.J. Wilson
3. Alexi Ogando, Arthur Rhodes
4. 42-29
5. The Angels are really good
6. Depends on what the kids watch

1. Michael Young- The most consistent player in the first half.
2. C. J. Wilson- He has been what we needed at the top of the rotation.
3. Alexi Ogando- 9 wins, sub 3.00 era and an all star; couldn’t ask for more. The bullpen has been inconsistent, althought there may be some signs of them getting it together.
4. 45-26
5. Never count the Angels out.

My Dad pulled that Latin on me when I was about 6. I was so excited…(bless his soul he was such an irreverent cuss)
1. The answer is simple…Michael Young…who’s it always been. The guy is just plain reliable but I think we lose him in the off season.
2. No answer…certainly not CJ though
3. Ogando, Harrison and Holland…we could easily have 5 starters with 15-18 wins
4… .43-28
5. As I’ve said before…as long as they have that manager we have to be wary…and don’t overlook the Mariners….They’ve got a couple of great pitchers!

1. I would have to say either CJ Wilson or Michael Young. Young has consistently been leading the team in batting average and Wilson is quickly developing into a top of the rotation, #1-2 type guy. He may not be overpowering, but that man can locate.

2. I would be tempted to say Ogando… 12 starts, 7 decisions, 7 W’s. You gotta love a guy with a sub-3.00 ERA who has tied your best starter in wins in his first year as a starter. The other pitcher you could make a case for would be Harrison, but I know that would get me mugged in a dark alley if I tried.

3. Biggest surprises- Endy Chavez (4 HR’s?!?!) and Alexi Ogando (for the reasons mentioned above). Biggest disappointment- Brandon Webb… and it isn’t particularly close.

4. Over the final 70? 40-30… but I’m being optimistic.

5. The Angels are always troublesome… especially in the second half. With the addition of Mike Trout, this offense just got a lot more “pop”–as long as their pitching remains like this, they are going to be hanging around for a while. That said, I called it at the beginning of the year… Texas and LA are running away with the division.

1. Adrian Beltre
2. Alexei Ogando
3. Matt Harrison, Julio Borbon
4. 41-29
5. Angels are going to be there until the end……Great starting pitching
Only watched the All-Star game.

( 1 ). Micheal Young . 2). . . . Alex Ogando 3). Ogando
4) 43-28 5) not at all

(1). . . . . Micheal Young ………………(2). . .Alexi Ogando ……………………. (3) Alexi Ogando …………………….. (4) 43-28
(5) not worried about the angels

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