Hamilton in the lineup Friday

Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton is in the lineup on Friday night. Rangers manager Ron Washington gave him the option of taking the night off but Hamilton wanted to play. Hamilton was particularly upset on Thursday night when a fan – Brownwood fireman Shannon Stone – died falling out the left field stands. Hamilton had tossed the ball into the stands after the fan asked him for the souvenir.


Mr. Hamilton, I have watched you throughout your career. I admire you for your strength and love for the Lord. I hope you can find peace in your heart and are able to move on from the tragedy that happen. Like you said God has a plan for all of us, and the Lord has really given you some tough roads in your life. But like a true champ that you are sir, you have weathered each trial and tribulation thrown at you. Thank you for teaching us how to be a man of God, and showing your love for him on a daily basis. I will continue to pray for you and the Stone family. My best regards to you and your family and hope and pray you can continue on because I and the rest of America enjoy watching you play sir. Thank you for everything!

Chad A. Salter

Dear Sweet Josh Hamilton,
While my heart aches for the family, my heart also aches for you. I love what Mr. Salter wrote. I am a mother of 3 and grandma to 9. At almost 51 years of age, I could relate with much trial and tribulation….and a happily ever after…after all. Josh, you are a precious child of God, remember that, and while His love is the Greatest, please don’t ever forget the love complete strangers are feeling for you right now! God bless you and keep you in love and peace!
P.S. I have to be honest here….I, unlike Mr. Salter, knew very little of you. I am a SoCal ‘girl’, born and bred-San Diego Padres fan ;-) who moved to Texas only 7 years ago….but it doesn’t change the way I feel. Keep your gorgeous head held high and remember that God is good.

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