Elvis Andrus Not In Tuesday’s Lineup

Shortstop Elvis Andrus is not in Rangers lineup vs the Astros tonight.  Andrus did take some swings in batting practice and says his wrist is feeling better.  He will probably not play in Wednesday’s game, but could return to the lineup for the final game against Houston on Thursday.

More on the website later.


This is a bit off-topic, but I can’t say enough how Dave Barnett has upgraded the Rangers broadcast. He is insightful, but not overly talky, and blends so much better with Tom. Kudos for Dave for his professional demeanor and we are glad to have him. Also, Steve Busby is excellent on the radio. I knew John Rhadigan was destined for Rangers Pre- and Post-game, as it was not working out. Lastly, I have nothing against Josh Lewin, he was enthusiastic and energetic, but did NOT blend in with Texas, the state or the ethos of Texas, nor did he blend in with Tom. The team with Eric Nadel and Steve Busby is terrific, and Dave Barnett and Tom are great. I enjoy the broadcasts SO much more than before, with all the Josh Lewin (UN)Popular cultural references.

If you ask me, Grieve’s the one they should’ve sacked! He can’t ‘tell it like it is…

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