Jon Daniels looking at Yu Darvish

Rangers general manager Jon Daniels is in Japan looking at potential free agent pitcher Yu Darvish, who is going to be a free after this season. He is supposedly the next big thing out of Japan and the Rangers are going to be interested. He pitches for the Nippon Ham Fighters. He is 8-2 with a 1.39 ERA and was one of the stars of the World Baseball Classic team from Japan. He was 2-1 with a 2.08 ERA during the World Baseball Classic.


I love the way this front office thinks. Checks every single lead and looks under every rock. Obviously, Yu is pretty hard to miss, but still my point stands.

Darvish is going to be FA 2014.
He will come to Major after Posting system same as Ichiro, Matsuzaka.

Hopefully if we get him he’ll work out like Yoshi Tateyama and pitch awesome. Daniels makes good moves so I’m pretty sure this player would work out. The Rangers definitely need some bullpen help so if he goes to the bullpen then he could fill that gap.

Texas is only scouting him because they are worried Seattle will get him. Seattle, and the big market teams (LA, NYM/Y, BOS, and PHI) are the only teams with any chance to get any big free agent out of Japan. Any team not on the coasts or in a city with little international population is also out of it. Sorry Texas.

O.K. just because seattle got Ichiro doesn’t mean they have a chance at most japanese players. Ichiro just doesn’t want any pressure to perform so he stays in seattle.

Ummm it’s not just Ichiro. There is a large Japanese community in Seattle, relatively quick flight to Japan, and most importantly JAPANESE OWNERSHIP. Those are all things the Rangers do not have. Marketing opportunities for Japanese players on the west cost are also significantly better than anywhere else in the nation.

Asian pitchers, thusfar, have not proven to be worth all the hype (and corresponding contracts they are offered). Nomo, Park, etc. Good for a year or two then they get figured out, and consquently, shelled. Money spent better elsewhere, imo.

Darvish isn’t eligible to be a free agent til 2014. If he comes to the US next season it will be because Nippon posts him, meaning he’ll go to the highest bidder then have to work out a contract with that team. Market size and international populations are not a factor in the posting process. Money is. As far as Asian pitchers getting “figured out” Nomo was a solid mid rotation starter for a long time and Park was still a stud in his 6th full big league season. If Darvish has good command of good stuff, he will succeed in the big leagues, but I’m wary of this process. If you pay the posting fee to the Japanese club, before you even pay the player, you’re talking huge money. That’s huge money that could be spent on re-signing CJ Wilson.

Darvish is still pretty young and would be a welcome addition to any rotation. Granted, he would be a bit pricey, but why not get him and see what happens under the wing of Mike Maddox? Darvish has decent mechanics and can throw multiple pitches for strikes. I was hoping we could have found a way to get him prior to the Japanese draft.

Japanese ownership + Ichiro’s influence on ownership + potential revenue stream from Japanese consumers in Seattle = ability to pay posting fee.

Darvish is more likely to be in a Seattle uniform than a Texas one. Ever. Nintendo money > Nolan Ryan’s money.

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