Torrealba “out of gas”

Catcher Yorvit Torrealba was taken out of the game on Sunday because he was “out of gas.” That was the official word from the Rangers. Game-time temperature was 88 degrees but the humidity is pretty thick here. Torrealba started the first two games and went all ten innings on Saturday night.



Perhapse someone can answer this question for me. Is there a rule against a player or a pitcher recieving a drink during an enning? I read the rule book and it mentions coaches visits to the mound, but no where does it say that a coach can not provide the pitcher a drink of water during a visit. With the hot and humid conditions that Ogando Torrealba faced yesterday in the long 3rd enning a cool drink would have benifited them more than anything Maddox might have to say.

They can drink between innings all they want. If you’re dehydrated to the point that it’s effecting you performance, a cup of water delivered to that mound isn’t going to help immediately.

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