Bosley replaced by Coolbaugh

On one of the most bizarre days in Rangers history, the club has decided to dismiss hitting coach Thad Bosley and replace him with Scott Coolbaugh. Bosley was close with manager Ron Washington. No explanation yet as to why the decision was made.


I’m not surprised, but I believe it had to be Wash’s decision

Don’t understand why dismissing a hitting coach qualifies as one of the most bizarre days in Rangers history.

i can think of alot more bizarre days in ranger history

I remember when Jaramillo left, and the mix of candidates along with Clint Hurdle was Thad Bosley. It was roundly expected to be Bosley, as he was especially tight with Ron Washington. Hurdle’s hiring was a surprise, likely over the recommendation of Bosley, Wash’s friend. Hurdle was unbelievably successful, personable, and effecftive. Bottom line–effective. Bosley’s firing must have culminated with the “main core” (Michael, Josh and Ian) coming forward and complaining. Bosley seemed like a nice fellow, and he was described by the vanquished John Rhadigan early on, as a “Renaissance man,” seeing that Bosley was an avid reader, a musician, etc.. Whatever brought it to a firing of a first place team, who is 4th among the 30+ teams in batting, MUST have been that Bosley was either: arrogant, unadaptable, or a real Jerkwater. Whatever, we really miss Clint Hurdle. I’m sure Ron lost a good pal, but, hey, “that’s the way baseball go.”

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