Kirkman for Tomko

The Rangers have called up left-hander Michael Kirkman from Triple A Round Rock and assigned Brett Tomko there. Tomko has accepted the assignment. Kirkman gives the Rangers an extra left-hander in the bullpen. Tomko and David Bush had been splitting long relief duties but the Rangers haven’t had much need since their starters have been pitching so well.


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I seriously don’t get this… what is the logic of keeping Bush and outrighting Tomko??? Bush is the younger of the two, but Tomko is just flat out the better pitcher. Yeah, Tomko is vulnerable, but he at least limits his losses. It seems like Bush is okay until he has one bad batter, and then spirals out of control in a hurry–for example, back-to-back solo homeruns followed by a double, an intentional walk and a three run blast. Then again, the same could be said of Derek Holland.

TR, any insight on why Bush instead of Tomko?

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