Report: Rangers firing John Rhadigan

There is a report on the Dallas Observer blog by Richie Whitt that the Rangers are dismissing television broadcaster John Rhadigan. There has been no official announcement by the Rangers but sources have indicated something could be forthcoming soon.

Rhadigan is in his first season as the Rangers play-by-play announcer, replacing Josh Lewin at the end of last season. Presumably Dave Barnett will take over as lead TV broadcaster but that’s just a guess.

A lot of people have been critical of Rhadigan since he took over. I watched him for the past two weeks and thought he had potential to be very good.


Lets not give him any time to get his feet wet or anything. Look people Vin Scully, and Bob Uecker are taken and getting old. Give a fella a little time. I liked John personally. I think he brought a little flair to the broadcast.

This dude botched so many calls it was rediculous. I’m sure he was a nice guy but to say he was even playing par for the course is being really generous. The guy he replaced does the NATIONAL BROADCAST for Fox and is the TV guy for a top NFL team. That’s big shoes to fill. I think the rangers should have just coughed up the doe and paid Josh. A team of this caliber deserves top talent like Josh. Make no mistake, if a guy is being asked to cover nationally televised games he is top talent. You just don’t know what you have till it’s gone. Maybe now I won’t have to watch the game with the volume down.


I have watched Nolan Ryan since I was a kid growing up in Houston. The Rangers have been showing a tendancy to pull the trigger quickly in many areas. They knew John had no experience as a play by play guy. I would not want to be an employee at any level in the Rangers organization at this point in time. Looks like they have developed a tendacy to knee jerk based on fans complaining. I seriously hope this doesnt spill over into players that dont develop immediately. Do you think cruz would still be a Ranger if Nolan was in charge years ago? Doubtful, he wouldve run out patience.

chris davis is still in the organization.

Nolan, get it right this time. Doug Rader was once the Rangers manager. He fired Jim Sundburg, a mistake similar to firing Josh Lewin. Then he realized the mistake, and when Jim became available, he took him to dinner and apologized for the rookie manager screw-up, and Jim agreed to come back. Nolan, you can do the same with Josh Lewin. He’s a grown-up, and he will accept the appology and I’ll bet this long nightmare will be over.

Think about it.

This is a good move. A better move would’ve been to sign Lewin to an extension rather than firing him. All due respect to TR, I have no idea how anybody could listen to Rhadigan do play by play and hear anything but suck. I believe he’s a nice guy and I’m glad he’s getting his old job back, but his lack of experience doing play by play and overall lack of baseball acument seriously hurt the quality of the TV broadcasts this season.

It was ridiculous to get rid of Josh and expect that someone with no experience could replace him. Barnett’s a bit pompous but at least he knows who our players are. For next year, BRING BACK JOSH!

josh was the worst. He had a nerdy noodle voice. Rhadigan was no better..he had NO voice. If Lewin was doing the national broadcast on fox and is the san diego chargers radio man then what ties does he have with the rangers? none. I just recently saw tom grieve on the national broadcast also. I’m sorry but imo I want a homer such a hawk harrelson (chicago white sox play by play man). The Texas Rangers deserve nothing less. I wish Nadel would come do the play by play. He’s the best we got.

How anyone could watch and listen to Rhadigan and see that he had flair and potential must not have been watching the same Rangers games I’ve been watching. The guy was AWFUL. Yeah he was ok as far as the general play-by-play descriptions, but if there was ever an exciting moment just listening to him ruined it. He sounded so fake and his voice got so raspy when he was trying to describe a big moment. Messing up calls is one thing for a new PBP, but not sounding good in key spots can’t be corrected.

john never came close to josh. i didnt understand why raddigan was in lewins spot anyway. how do replace one of the best in the biz with an interviewer. tag and josh made a good broadcast team. and i always got a good laugh when buggeyed lewin was on camera. at any rate it can only get better from here. good move.

hahaha idk about josh lewin being “one of the best in the biz.” are u kidding me? How could he be a good homer announcer when he has no ties with the Rangers. Him and Tom Grieve being on the national broadcast just shows everyone how un-biased they really are.

“He lives in san diego and ur telling everyone he had “true passion for his team?!” you have absolutely no idea what your talking about.” – He lives in San Diego during football season because that’s where the team he works for is based out of. He STILL lives in Southlake the rest of the year and is doing radio in the DFW area. Before you tell someone they have no idea what they’re talking about, you might want to get your facts straightened out first.

I was a fan of Lewin, but the way Grieve has actually started talking again this year was a welcome change, and I was happy to see Lewin go if it meant Grieve was back on his game. They just were not a good team, and no way is a Rangers’ HOFer getting fired before Lewin…

That said, the Rangers didn’t have to go with an unproven commodity. I’ve loved Rhadigan for years in his host role, and even before Knoxy got the roaming reporter job. Can’t wait to watch Rangers Live with Rhads and still enjoy the call of the game…..

I was totally bummed when I heard they got rid of Josh. Few people prepared better for a game than Josh. Whether he had connections or nor the guy made the right calls at the right times. Grieve drives me nuts because he talks more about what he is eating than baseball, but I guess a lot of other people like him. Who the announcer is really doesn’t make a huge difference to me in the long run because it doesn’t affect the playing in anyway, but it is nice to not want to mute it.

Bring back Josh Lewin!!!!!!!!!!!!

I miss Josh Lewin… I think all Ranger fans miss Josh… He had true passion for this team… Most of all I miss him saying, “BALL GAME!” at the end of every win. (and if we lost, he would say..”Well that’ll do it”)

Lol are u kidding me?! he had no passion he was on the NATIONAL broadcast everytime the yankees and angels were playing.. and not to mention he was the chargers radio person. he has no connection with the Rangers. He had an annoying winy lil voice and was a nerd. He lives in san diego and ur telling everyone he had “true passion for his team?!” you have absolutely no idea what your talking about. Just cause he says some dumb gimmick at the end of games doesn’t mean he is a die hard rangers fan. Lets remember he is getting payed to say that.


Whoever they find needs to watch about a thousand hours of Mark Holtz.

The broadcasts were becoming unbearable. Barnett will be a serious upgrade.

I agree. I thought Rhaddy had lots of potential. I am a little bummed for the guy. It was good having someone so familiar with the franchise in the booth with Grieve. Barnett is a great play by play guy though, as well. I think he will be great.

Josh Lewin wore me out with pop culture references, movie quotes, “Tag don’t Tweet,” etc. Tom Grieve is perfect in the analyst role, and Dave Barnett IS a play-by-play guy. We don’t need pop culture references and nerdy quips by Josh Lewin. Once, the Rangers hired Merle Harmon over Curt Gowdy, and the Rangers have made few correct choices on TV Broadcasts ever since, Tom Grieve notwithstanding. Glad Josh is gone, and hope Dave Barnett satisfies Ranger fandom with knowing the game and the players, WITHOUT the need to constantly embellish, entertain and throw out “current pop references,” which we don’t need. Baseball is a fascinating and entertaining game by itself. On radio, we’ve been very fortunate indeed, with Bill Mercer, Dick Risenhoover, Mark Holtz and Eric Nadel. Steve Busby is very serviceable and knowledgable. Hope he and not Brian Dalgin will help Eric to take restroom breaks.

I think a different guy might be needed, but looking at Josh Lewin,
wearing makeup and eyeliner makes me want to throw up. This guy
makes me think of Howdy Doodie on speed, anyone including the
present guy Rhadigan is better in my opinion. The guy could turn out
to be ok, dang it’s only the end of May, don’t you guys think he deserves
at least half a season before you throw him to the lions?

Rhadigan is going back to his old job because he wasn’t competent at his position. That hardly qualifies as being “thrown to the lions.” Lewin, the choice for national broadcasts and an employee of 9 years is the one who was dismissed completely. You’d think from some of these comments it was the other way around.

Barry Horn says hiring Rhadigan was a Churck Greenberg decision, so don’t blame Nolan Ryan.

Also, the chemistry between Josh Lewin and Tom Grieve declined during every one of the seasons they worked together until, finally, Grieve was hardly talking at all.

Final points: 1. Moving Rhadigan back to the studio is good for him and for us, it’s where he belongs. 2. I predict Ryan will order a national search in the off-season for a top-notch TV announcer.

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