Rangers RH pitcher search

The Rangers are possibly looking for right-handed relief help and among the names that have surfaced is Todd Coffey, 30, who has a 1.89 ERA for the Nationals. The Rangers have explored discussions with the Pirates, Diamondbacks, Padres and others according to various rumblings around the league. They also feel that Mark Lowe is much improved since returning from the Minor Leagues.

But right now bullpen is No. 1 on their shopping list.


Do you think they will look into putting Hunter or Webb in the bullpen once healthy? Or will Ogando be headed back to the pen? It seems that since Ogando is so dominant right now that he should have some job security. what are your thoughts, TR???

I think the only starter that might go to the bullpen is Dutch.He did a good job in the playoffs and might be slipping a little as a starter.I think they really want to see Webb as a starter at some point.

Shawn, There is NO WAY Ogando goes back to the bullpen right now regardless of who comes here. Unless he seriously crashes he isnt going anywhere. The dude is virtually unhittable. I just cannot envision any scenario where Ogando goes to the pen

Let’s hope the Rangers never put the big O in the bullpen while he’s
pitching so well. Then again, the Rangers have been known to pull
off some pretty boneheaded moves in the past. Let’s hope that’s
all behind them

If Holland keeps pitching like this and is healthy he stays in the rotation all year for 2 reasons. Reason #1 He’s being groomed as a starter long term. #2 While his ERA isn’t great, how many team’s 5th best starters are better? I havne’t looked, but I’d wager it’s a very short list. Ogando will stay in the rotation. The good news is that Lowe is starting to look like the 2009 version of himself.

As of right now Tommy, Scott and Webb have all said that if they are need in the bullpen they will with no problem! Our starting pitchers have been lights out this season, C.J and Colby will always be good for the Ranger, they are safe no matter what! Harrison continues to show he really has good stuff and as long as he continues to not get shook up he will stay in the rotation. Ogando is technically our fifth starter not Holland, and Ogando if he went back it actually wouldnt be stupid. I agree he has earned his starting role no doubt, but we are in dire need for an 8th inning setup man and we dont have anyone else. If Webb can come in and pitch like he did than I would agree with pushing Ogando to the Pen it would make sense and be the best descision for the Ranger. NOT STUPID! Tough but not stupid! Again when you say the Organization is stupid please use that refrence in the past tense we no longer have Hicks at the reins anymore. Now Holland is being groomed absolutly (slowly) Holland has some of the best stuff on that team and the Rangers still feel he can be a bonifide ace one day. As long as he ERA does not stay in the 5+ he will not leave the rotation! These are just some of my opinions followed up with some facts!

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