Dave Barnett moving to television

The Rangers are moving Dave Barnett to television.

He will replace John Rhadigan, who is out after less than two months.

Steve Busby and Bryan Dolgin will split the second radio duties with Eric Nadel.


Oh man, this is not good. I hope Rhads ends up on his feet. . . Like him very much and wish Rangers FO had given him more time to improve. . . when he was being himself, he was getting there, but when they apparently told him to “get more excited!” then it just got more annoying. Happy for Brian Dolgin – enjoy him. What I think about DB is better left unsaid. . . Wish Lewin could come back. . .

I agree that this seems to be very unfair to Rhadigan…after two months??? Give him a chance to grow into the gig. I don’t know that I mind Dave Barnett, But I don’t dig Brian Dolgan at all. He may be OK one day, but to me he still sounds like a kid doing college radio or something; no gravitas yet.

Overall…the Rangers seem to be pretty clueless about getting their broadcasts in order.

Lewin was terrible. I want Vince Cotroneo back on Rangers Radio! Steve Busby is a lightweight.

He tried to hard. All he had to do was just talk about the game. Don’t try to be too cute and have little pre-fab slogans. I did question his knowledge of the game as well ….

I am going to miss Dave.

He did try too hard. I’m sure John Rhadigan is a great guy, but having to listen to him call the games almost ruined even Ranger wins for me. It was almost like he was being sarcastic whenever something good happened and he would try to sound “excited.” I liked Josh Lewin a lot. He had excellent baseball knowledge and a great memory of every single roadtrip and big event in his career that he could recall with TAG whenever the games were slow. He actually made exciting moments more exciting rather than distracting the viewers with his voice like Rhadigan. Rhadigan should have just talked about the game like a normal person. He just took what he did in Rangers live and brought it to play-by-play along with a few really cheesy catch phrases that could only be popular among elderly women and children under 6. I think Rangers live is a good fit for him.

Have to agree with the comment on Dolgin’s gravitas.

You can hear better, more authoritative, radio play-by-play broadcast from high school gymnasiums across Texas. Which, I guess, is to say that either there’s some great small town play-by-play guys in Texas, or that Bryan Dolgin just does not have a Major League calibre presence.

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