May 2, 2011: Monday Morning Manager

TR’s busy getting ready for the game, so Toby is the Monday Morning Manager today.

World news dominates the headlines, but there’s always a little room for baseball discussion. 

1.) First there was a  5-5 homestand, now a 1-2 road trip (so far), and then a 7-9 overall since Josh Hamilton went on the DL – is it time to push the panic button?

2.) The Rangers have committed 8 errors in 7 games,  they have the 3rd highest error total in MLB, and are 29th in fielding percentage, what is the problem, more importantly what is the solution?

3.) Matt Harrison’s last 3 games:  11 1/3 IP, 18 Hits, 14 ER, 8 BB, 7 K, 11.12 ERA –   what is your recommendation to Ron Washington and Jon Daniels?

4.) Any additional thoughts on Neftali’s comments about starting?

5.) How about those Cleveland Indians?



1. It’s not time to panic. Colby Lewis and Levis are returning to form and Feliz will be returning soon. I’d like to see more production from Kinsler and Cruz, though. I’ve also always felt that Kinsler hits better batting after Cruz than he does at the top of the order.

2. IDK. Most of these errors look beer league to me.

3. Keep Harrison pitching there until Hunter comes back.

4. It sounds like he doesn’t care where he plays. He just wants to play.

5. I thought they had good young talent that would start to come together soon, although I had them pegged as a 2012 contender.

1. They are in first place.
2. They are a good defensive team. They just aren’t playing well although Kinsler sometimes looks lazy.
3. Reinforcements are on the way.
4. Just waiting until he changes his mind again.
5. If people in Cleveland aren’t watching, why should we?

1. Still in first place. What would hitting the panic button involve. No hitter or pitcher in the minors capable of huge impact today. Guessing that nobody thinks they are out of the race yet so a trade would involve giving up too much.

2. Stop playing Michael Young in positions he is no longer capable of playing or, in the case of 1B, has never played. Call up a CF to play CF.

3. bullpen……Tomko or Bush is no worse at this point.

4. If he wants to close, then let him close. Is it better to have a guy playing a position he doesnt want to play?

5. Nice story……see where they are in July or August.


The Problem is not Young, Brian, it’s Elvis. Elvis leads the AL in most errors. At this point I would rather see Mike Young at Short than Elvis. yesterday’s loss to the A’s would not have happened if Elvis could field his position.

1. Who here thought the Rangers had a chance at the World Series this time last year? I didn’t. It is not time to panic. We’re still finding out, and so are they, who this team is this year. This is a resilient bunch and they will have answers to all questions.
2. I think that, for whatever reason, these guys just aren’t focused. Are they a little cocky from last year? I don’t know. But, hopefully Wash is working on getting them focused. Watching them on T.V., it just looks like their minds are elsewhere sometimes.
3. Ride this horse and hope he gets back on the right track. If not, we’ll have someone else to plug in soon.
4. He’s young and I think this “injury” scared him. He will probably continue to go back and forth until we know for sure what he is. Trust Maddux with this one.
5. How about them? Good young team, but I think WE are focused on the TEXAS RANGERS. That is enough to consume my baseball brain.

1. No I do not believe it is time to hit the panic button yet. But, It is time to start looking for pieces for the bullpen and maybe a centerfielder who can play good defense and give you some hits pretty regularly. Just remember that we are a head of where we were last year at this time record wise. Although we are sharing first place at the moment remember that the Rangers are a great May and June baseball team.
2. I am not to worried about the defense it will come around. I would rather be playing some terrible defense now and get it out of our system and get better as the season rolls along.
3. I am worried about Matt’s last 3 starts they have not been good at all. I am not too worried with Tommy Hunter getting pretty close to returning. But they might start scouting some pitchers that might be coming availble in a month or two.
4. I think the Rangers should let Nefy make up his mind on what he would rather be a starter or a closer. I am ok with him doing what ever he wants to do. I know that he has been missed a little bit since he has been gone and I think he will stablize the bullpen again once he is back. I like what I have seen from Cody Eppley and Ryan Ticker showed something in his first outing as well. Dave Bush has been a good surprise out there to.
5. The Indians are playing great. They may indeed be a contender until the end. I still expect the Twins to make a run at them at some point to see if there success so far will sustain for the long haul.

(1) The panic button? Really? Last I checked, playing near-500 ball when you are missing your best position player, three “big deal” starting pitchers, and four of your best relievers–Feliz, Tobin and O’Day to the DL, Ogando to the rotation– this is hardly the time to panic. Rather, this is the time to get healthy. I’m more concerned about the defensive errors.

(2) I think at least part of it is that the guys are feeling the pressure of being defending American League champs. I mean, out of all the guys on the roster, Darren Oliver was one of the few with any post-season experience at all, let alone the trip to the World Series. For a solution, I would be calling a meeting to remind us all that we haven’t a won a thing this year. World Series or bust, guys… World Series or bust.

(3) Matt Harrison is probably the best option we have as a third starter until someone from the Hunter/ Feldmen/ Webb trio is ready to come off the DL. Until then, we just have to hold on. If I’m being straight up, right now Harrison and Holland are in a tooth and nail scrap to see who will be the first rotation guy replaced by someone coming back from injury. Maybe Harrison just needs to skipped once to get some extra work in and get his confidence back. Stranger things have happened.

(4) Not really. Feliz is a young guy who is having great success at the back of the bullpen, and it is easy to be comfortable with that. If the Rangers are serious about having him start next year, Maddux needs to start the motivational speeches now so that Feliz works out like he is a starter in the off season. Otherwise you end up with two closers, which isn’t “that bad” except that they both want the ball in the 9th inning.

(5) Who would’ve picked the Indians to have the best record in baseball at the end of April?? Yeah, they had some talent beginning to pile up (and Shin Soo Choo is a beast), but I didn’t think they were going to be this legit until 2012… and even then I half-expected the Indians management to trade some of their current pieces away and slam the door on their own fingers (like the Royals did with Grienke). That said, I’m more surprised that both the White Sox and the Twins can’t seem to buy a win these days.

1. Panic Button….nah….we’ve had this discussion as recently as last spring at this time…same problems…and we’re still up there in the standings.
2. As always the errors are disturbing…especially Andrus. A team meeting??
3. Harrison is going to be the odd man out of the starting rotation when Hunter comes back…this too is a recurring theme.
4. Feliz is a young man and he’s got a lot to learn not only about his body but about baseball and the word “team.” No doubt in my mind he’ll start next year “if” that is what we need. I personally would rather have him at “closer.”
5. Who? I’m a Rangers f an!

Not saying that Elvis is not a problem also but Elvis makes errors that would be singles if Michael Young were playing SS. MY’s range nowhere near Ian or Elvis.

How do I submit a question to T.R. for his weekly inbox questions?

How do I submit a question to T.R. for his inbox questions?

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