Weekend with Toby

Toby wasn’t just going to crawl back to the Transvaal while TR is out in his adopted hometown of San Francisco. Happy Mom’s Day to one and all

Where was the pie?

Cody Eppley pitched two scoreless innings in his Major League debut last Saturday against the Royals. Afterwards, he was interviewed on the television post-game show.

And no pie in the face? What gives?

“We don’t do that anymore,” shortstop Elvis Andrus said.

Fan favorite

One of the reasons why the Rangers are so versatile is Nelson Cruz is able and willing to play both right and left field.

He also doesn’t seem to mind it.

“It gives the fans in both places to see me,” Cruz said.


“The other night I was playing left field and the fans had a big sign in right field that said, ‘We love Cruz,’” Cruz said. “Late in the game, I switched from left to right field and they gave me a big ovation.

“The fans here in Texas are great.”

He said it

Josh Hamilton was wearing a black t-shirt with a lemon on it the other day. The shirt also said: “Don’t get bitter, get better”

“I don’t even have to say anything,” Hamilton said. “That says it all — don’t feel sorry for yourself, don’t be mad about it, it is what it is, just do what you can to get better, as fast as you can. That’s it, a lot of season left.”

But it must be tough to watch the games…

“No, it’s not bad, not bad, it’s fun watching this team,” Hamilton said. “We’ve got a lot of good players, got a good chemistry, and it’s just fun being in the dugout and being around them. I know they’re going to hold down the fort until I come back. I’m not worried about it and they’re not worried about it.”


Somebody turns 59 today. That would be the manager of the Texas Rangers. Happy birthday to Ron Washington.


Former Rangers pitching coach Tom House is 64 today. Edwin Correa is 45. Remember him. He was 12-14 with a 4.23 ERA as a rookie with the Rangers in 1986 after being acquired by general manager Tom Grieve in the winter.

He made 15 starts for the Rangers the next season and, at age 21, suffered a shoulder injury and never pitched again in the Majors. It was a devastating injury. Grieve still believes that Correa could have been a No. 1 starter for the Rangers.

Toby’s honor roll:

Some of Toby’s favorites

1. Jim Knox. He has been the Rangers roving reporter on the broadcasts for many years, working the stands and interviewing just about anybody and everybody about everything. This is a guy who really works hard at what he does, he does it well and he adds much to the Rangers broadcasts. This dog has great respect for Knox.

2. Ranger Captain. This is another person who really works hard to help Rangers games more enjoyable. Baseball traditionalists scoff at mascots but Ranger Captain is terrific at what he does.

3. Engel Beltre – Yes, he deserves to be suspended for 10 games. But, like Frank Francisco, he does not deserve to be remembered for one incident. This is a good kid who is going to be a good player and hopefully he can get through this.

Toby Barks
1. Great book of the Week: True Grit. Yes, the twice-made movie is based on a novel by Charles Portis and it is an excellent read. Woof! Woof!

2. Dallas Mavericks. Apocalypse not yet. Woof! Woof!

3. Colby Lewis. Objecting to paternity leave? The latest evidence that journalism is dying. It’s not about being right or being accurate, it’s about having the biggest opinion on the block. Growl!!!!!!

Last call:
“What are we at the park for except to win? I’d trip my mother. I’d help her up, brusher her off, tell her I’m sorry. But mother don’t make it to third.”
Leo Durocher


Go Rhadigan go….and don’t come back!!!!

haha Toby never quits, got to love Tobartan

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