Raining in Baltimore

It is 2:30 here in Baltimore and raining. Forecast is not good…stay tuned


So are we going to have a ribbon-cutting ceremony when this is finished?

Yeah…what is with the reconstruction of the blog….seemed fine to me but I guess it has something to do with Opening Day….lets get rolling again

Just like the Counting Crows tune! Truth in Music…who knew?

A rain DELAY would be ok because we are celebrating my sil’s birthday tonight. I would LOVE to be home watching the game, so a later start would be good for me. :) I’m not selfish though, so hopefully the rains subside and the sun comes out soon. Get-away days are rough on rangers’ fans. We miss them…well, I do anyway.

Oh, I hope it doesn’t get rained out. I’m already having Rangers withdrawls…lol!

I hope the delay’s not too long cause i planned my day around being home to watch the Rangers!

Really hope the game isn’t postponed! Been anticipating the game all day since I will have the opportunity to watch instead of just listening online!! Total withdrawals here too without a game yesterday! :)

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