Construction Nearly Finished

More T.R. , Toby and the Texas Rangers very soon -stay tuned!


Hey lookin good here at the fields, now that I’ve found out how to get here. I guess construction was underway. Is that one word “underway”. Whatever, where is everyone? Hefe, Fred, EMC I see your here, Sullivanian, DGod or Bmitchell or whatever the hell your name was? Lets talk some Rangers Baseball! They’re 6-0! O.K.:
1. Borbon or Murphy?
2. Do we need to be worried about middle relief? Lowe, Tobin etc..?
3. How is Young going to get his at bats? 1st? DH? 2nd? 3rd? SS???
4. Change this background to Ranger Blue? Or Ranger Red for that matter? Sorry T.R..
5. DVD, does anyone remember them? Sorry guys.

I think a Ranger Red background would be a little hard on the eyes, this red is okay.

162-0 is it possible?

Construction??? Where? Why? More input! Need more input!!

I. It ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
II. Yes
III. As of this moment, MY leads the team in AB, seems to be an irrelevant question at the moment.
IV. This works for now.
V. Dick Van Dyke show? A little before my time.

Right on point, a good sense of humor and a little smug. Must be Hefe. Let me ask you this: If Moreland starts to hit constistantly does Napoli’s at bats diminish for Young and will that result in Torrealba getting less time to give Napoli at bats? I think it does. I say Ranger blue background.

I mean consistently.

Without meaning to sound like an idiot, what exactly is Elysian Fields, shown above?

“Elysian Fields remain a state of mind, a paradise of heroes, a place, as Virgil said, of perpetual springs and shady grove. A place where baseball is played and revered.” – Elysian Fields is also the spot where the first baseball game was played.

1. I trust Wash on this one. Borbon for now with just the right dose of Murphy sprinkled in the right spots. I still love Borbon’s speed and his potential with this bat. If not for the defensive problems, this would not be discussed. He will get it together. If not, adjustments will be made. Trust Wash.
2. It’s too early to worry right now. Give it a month.
3. Ditto. Yes. All of those and any others Wash can think of.
4. This works for me now that I finally found it.
5. mrhallway just had to go there. You sir are a “spoon” for stirring that one up. However, one D is a primo pitcher, V is struggling, and the other D is still struggling. Maybe we should hope for 1 out of every 3 of the current prospects to make it. Realistic?

I think that would be a win.

“Spoon”. I like that.

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I’m here guys….during the construction I kept trying to wake you guys up…didn’t work. Great team…great manager…what else could Ranger fans ask for? A “Spoon” ….I love that!

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