Rangers discuss Feliz, Chris Davis

Pitcher Neftali Feliz and infielder Chris Davis were two prime topics of conversation when the Rangers had their first big meeting of the Spring to discuss their roster.

* The Rangers haven’t decided yet if Feliz will start or stay in the bullpen. He is starting on Saturday against the Mariners. The Rangers are still looking at other starting candidates and that could impact what they do with Feliz.

* The Rangers acknowledge that Davis has opened some eyes in camp. They still believe Mitch Moreland will be their Opening Day first baseman but Davis is earning consideration in some capacity.

* Julio Borbon remains the Rangers starting center fielder but it is clear that he needs to tighten up the defense.

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Everyone who has been around chris davis says there has been a change in the way he handles his business, and his mindset. The guy has a huge upside but yes has let us down multiple times. But with this success he has had this spring with the new mindset, why not give him another shot? Not at a starting role but allow him to be the backup at both first and third. let micheal young be the back up at short and second since those are his natural spots anyway, and you know ian kinsler is gonna get hurt at somepoint. still let micheal DH when he isnt playin a position but when he is, let Chris Davis DH. Not only does this give Chris a final shot with his new attitude but it keeps Mitch Moreland playing at the top of his game knowing there is a capable glove in Chris just waiting for Mitch to slip. The only real change from what the rangers are thinking now is replacing Andres Blanco, with Chris Davis, or Michael Young at Blanco’s specific positions. and Chris Davis’ ability at full potential is far better than Blanco’s.

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