Webb throws, Teagarden catching

Taylor Teagarden is in the Rangers lineup on Thursday night against the Padres. Yorvit Torrealba is in the lineup but at designated hitter. The Padres are looking for catching and this could give them a chance to watch Teagarden.

Teagarden is not going to make the Rangers and might be someone they trade before the end of Spring Training.

Brandon Webb threw 62 pitches of live batting practice. He continues to progress but no sign yet when he’ll be ready for a game. Webb is hoping his next outing will be in a B game or simulated game.


Okay, I’m just as guilty as anyone, but where is all the chatter? (And I’m not talking about D’god/Brad chatter). Our team is making a run at defending their first American League Championship and there is so much silence. I think it’s okay for us to continue to speculate reasonably on the what if’s, what could be’s, etc. that makes baseball the sport above all others for fan involvement. So, here are my questions that I’m dying to hear chatter about.

1. Chris Davis – what do we do with him? Newberg made some interesting observations about the lack of progress with Julio Borbon. He mentioned that aside from Hamilton, a team without Borbon would only have one true centerfielder. What about David Murphy? Would having Beltre, Young, Davis, and Moreland be like us having our cake and eating it too? Or, what trade would you make?

2. Who will the starting 5 be? Wilson, Lewis, Hunter, Holland, Feliz? If so, who closes? You can’t just trade for a closer. If it was that easy, the 96 Rangers would’ve gone to the World Series.

3. Why wasn’t I excited with the acquisition of Beltre and why am I excited about him now?

Come on people, let’s talk some baseball.

“Talkin baseball, Nelson Cruz and Torrealba, talkin’ baseball, Ian Kinsler Tommy Hunter; Mitch Moreland, Josh the Natural, Captain Young, I heard they got that big new scoreboard hung. We’ve got Elvis, and Wash and Beltre too, the claw, the claw, the claw, we’re talking Elvis, and Wash and Beltre too!

C’mon Mr. Sullivan. Post some questions that require complete over speculations by we the fans. By the way, I just read Mike Shropshire’s “The Last Great Season”. Great read about the 1975 Texas Rangers and the season before free agency changed everything. Good baseball mood setter.

Welcome back guy…this is a tough time for the baseball season…I’ve seen more corrections this past week of TR mistakes than baseball talk….but I’ll pay with you.

1. I don’t believe Chris Davis is for real. I still think he’s a strike out victim waiting to come to bat….so….I trade him…I don’t dump him. I’d want value but I’d rather have Moreland for the future and Napoli and Young for this year. I’m not sure about Borbon. I think Murphy did play some center last year but I disremember how he did. He does add to thee running game.

2. I think the starting five is wilson Lewis, Hunter Harrison and Holland. I think Feliz is in the bullpen this year. He left it too late for us to get an adequate closer…..we need the 40+ games he’ll save. I don’t think even Jon Daniels can pull a closer out of his hat at this statge.

3. Beltre was always a good pickup if lit wasn’t for Michael Young. Now that Michael seems to have settled in we can get excited about the pickup.

Torrealba for this year. We’ll have the slick hitting kid who was in camp early competing for a job next year. Sorry Teagarden….Charlie doesn’t want Tuna (cathers) that look good. He’s trade bait.

Nelson Cruz has a case of the slows this year….He’ll pick up.

I agree with Fred’s answer to #2. That should be the rotation, Feliz closes one more season, then probably starts in 2012 and Kirkman begins the year at AAA, forming a nice 1-2 punch atop the Round Rock rotation along with Eric Hurley.

TR… you give us the worst blog in mlb. Very rarely updated. All we want is info on the defending American League champions. I would LOVE to have your job and have to do this each day. It is very frustrating when i see the other mlb blogs and then i see that this is what represents the Rangers. Havent posed since the freaking 17th.


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