Beltre has strained calf muscle

Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre has a strained right calf muscle. The Rangers are calling it a mild strain. He can hit but he is limited in his running.

Pitcher Brandon Webb threw long toss. He said his arm feels good but understands why the Rangers have decided to have him not throw off the mound. He still believes he can be ready by Opening Day.



Here’s to you Padres and Ranger’s Fans, everywhere!!! The Pads and Rangers fighting it out for the series, 7th game on line, and the Padres up to bat in the last inning, runner on 3rd, Webb on the mound, wild pitch, runner scores,,Padres win, Padres win, I can see it now,, that what Spring is all about, when every team has that gleam in its eyes, every dream can come true during Spring!! Thats why me and 20 of my family and friends will be making our trek to Peoria, during St. Paddy’s day week, and enjoying the sun and drinking up all the Pacifico’s that we will be bringing, out to the ball park as we set up camp in the Handicap section near the entrance, with our cigars, and beer in hand, stop by and say Gday and we will make friends and we have been know to offer a beer or a cigar to fans of Texas and all fans. Will welcome Mr.Baseball, Mr.Sulliivan in the confines of the B.W. Parking lot, late at night after his grueling day. This is our year, the Padres Year, cya soon fans of baseball everywhere!!!!!!! The Pacifico Beer bunch of the Parking Lot!!!

Hi Mr. Sullivan,
Well heck I’m going to take the Rangers to the World Series in 2011. Why because we got classy people like Beltre. If he is as good as everyone says, he will be down about a week. My concern is the health of the Texas Rangers, but can you blame me after injuries cheated us out of a World Series win. We need to stay healthy and strong and continue to grow. Staying healthy is just part of the game at this level and we never run out of room to grow. So this year we will start by getting heathy, then respond to that by getting stronger, and then respond to that by winning more consistently. Heck we are going to take them by storm and I for one believe we can.
Abilene, Texas

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