Scheppers, Eppley, Felix and Tracy Invited To Spring Training

RHP Tanner Scheppers, RHP Cody Eppley, C Jose Felix and OF/DH Chad Tracy have all been invited by the Rangers to Spring Training as non-roster players.

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From today’s Star-Telegram, it sounds like Mr. Hamilton is planning to leave this area as soon as he can. “he said he would have to look elsewhere in pursuit of a deal that doesn’t spoil the market for future free agents.” He wants a max deal, and mentions Beltre’s contract. As Mel Allen would say, ” how bout that.” It is hard to imagine that the American League MVP and best player in the game wants to get paid. Lets not forget the feel good story of the decade. I can’t believe Josh only asked for 12 million which he is easily going to get from an arbitrator. Looks like an arbitration hearing is on the way. Fielder just got 15 million and Josh is a far better player. I would like to be at the hearing and watch as Josh’s side uses all of the things that the Rangers have said about Josh against them. 8 million a year is a joke…end of story. Come on Ranger Organization, WWJD? What did that scoreboard cost? 7 year 126 million is the starting point. I want Josh to stay here but who could blame him for saying what he says above?
If i am him, i tell the Rangers, take care of me know give me what i deserve or no matter what you do next year, i am going to free agency and playing elsewhere. Note to Greenberg it takes money to retain talent. Jurisprudence: Again who are Clemens attorney’s ? ” we want the indictment thrown out, because it is too vague and contains TOO MANY SEPARATE accusations of lying in one count.” Well just how many separate indictments would you like then? During sentencing, lets not run them concurrently, lets stack them on top of each other. Lets remember Federal time is day for day, so lets say 18 months per lie on top of each other. I wonder if his girlfriend will visit him while he is in the Federal Pen.? Indicting Barry and not Palmeiro? At least Palmeiro tested positive for the stuff. Barry just used the clear or the cream,, ha, ha, ha,. The sad truth is Barry is a hall of famer without those steroids, but he went for the fame, fortune and the cash. Where was his father during all this? Couldn’t help Barry???

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