Rangers going after Ramirez – Angels and Rays Also In the Mix

The Rangers are pursuing free agent outfielder/designated hitter Manny Ramirez. He would be the big right-handed bat at DH and off the bench. It would likely mean far more playing time for Michael Young at first base and would cut into Mitch Moreland’s playing time. But the Rangers are definitely interested in Ramirez

The Angels and Rays are also considering Ramirez, and there are reports that the Angels are going to sign him.  However, Ramirez has expressed an interest in playing for the Rangers and that interest appears to be mutual.

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This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Manny’s just a 40 year old publicity stunt. We don’t need him here. Good lord, SPEND THAT MONEY ON A STARTING PITCHER if it’s just burning a hole in your pocket! That half-assed, selfish style of play, no defense B.S. won’t fly in Texas, and Wash is going to hate him. I say there’s a reason why Manny’s unsigned at this point, and Texas is the only team missing it. Does Greenberg not realize what got us into that 10 year slide in the first place??? It was spending ridiculous amounts of money on overrated and washed up hitters without paying enough attention to pitching and defense. LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES! This is retarded.

Patches totally agree with you. We need pitching to make our rotation strong and make it again far this season. Colby and CJ and others is not enough to last 162 plus games. I detest Manny and his work ethics. He is not a good team player. Our clubhouse is a strong united one that it would be sad to see someone else not contributing to it. I dnt want to see him take money from us and take a shower before the games end just because he was taken out.

Yeah, I’m not too sure about Manny, either. Maybe the upside is that while he is an aging bat, he could certainly still be a good bat to have in the lineup. Also, while he is known as a selfish player, from what I’ve seen, he often seems to be very fun-loving and enjoyable to be around in the right circumstances. I am certainly pouring on the optimism, but perhaps the Rangers can be that “right” circumstance needed to get the most out of him.

Off the topic of Manny, does anyone (T.R.) know why there haven’t been any grubblings of the Rangers trying on Justin Duchscherer as one of those low-risk, high-reward type guys?

We don’t need him in Texas. He don’t fit this club. A total wast of money. A very disruptive figure.

Our club house is a coherient mix of Great Players with Great Attitudes. We don’t need Manny to disrupt that. While he might be a good hitter at 40 there are better options. Spend the Money on pitching,pitching,pitching. Between Hamilton,Cruz,Murphy,Young, and Kinsler we have the power bats. But we have to be able to stop our opponets from scoreing 7 runs when we score 6 ! I don’t believe Manny can add anything to our club but disruption !

Dear Mr. Greenberg and Mr. Ryan – please do not survey me and ask about what makes the Rangers brand, game experience, etc. great…and then go sign Manny. As much as I enjoy the Rangers, it will lessen my passion and enjoyment of the coming season…and ultimately my attendance.

This is a BAD move.

I remember, late mid to late 90’s… Juan Gonzalez, our beloved hero of that era, started jogging to first during practically every at-bat. Everyone knew it was due to the fact that he didn’t want to aggravate his back muscles again. But, he was healthy, and the fans didn’t appreciate it. They booed him for his efforts.
Not long after this… Gonzalez gave up on a short fly ball. Replay showed he could have gotten it if he would have just given the effort. He, again, was booed by his own fans.
Rangers fans booing? This is something they normally don’t do – so, they had to be really upset.

Fast forward to now.

Do you think the fans today would put up with Manny, the most lazy and out-for-myself player on the market today?

One thing Texas fans cannot stand is a lazy player. They hate it more than anything else. They will not put up with it. I don’t care if he hits 100 home runs…. the Rangers faithful will not tolerate a laissez faire DH/outfielder. And, in today’s game, Manny is the biggest violator of the baseball work ethic since Barry Bonds.

No, John and Nolan, no.

If the reports I’ve read are correct, he’s looking at this year as a redeemer of sorts, valuing production and team over a big contract. If that’s true, then what’s the risk in taking a flyer on a player who, in theory, makes this team better against LHP? And Patches, of the available FA pitchers who do you suppose that money is better spent on? There will be plenty of opportunities leading to July 31st to make the staff better. I like the Manny idea so long as MY shows an adequate taking to 1b, which I imagine he will.

“SPEND THAT MONEY ON A STARTING PITCHER” – Which one? Everywhere I go I see fans suggesting the Rangers sign a starter. Name a starter out there who is going to come in here and make this team better. Duchsherer, as teacher points out, could by a good low risk signing, but the kinds of pitchers that will make an impact simply aren’t on the market. The second best free agent starter was a 35 year old who had 2 good season in the last 8 years. They made a bigger offer to Cliff Lee than the one he accepted. They improved the defense by adding Beltre. They made an acceptable offer to the Rays for Matt Garza. If you don’t think they’re focused on pitching and defense, you’re not paying attention.

His contract isn’t gonna be huge. Maybe one year. Perhaps, one year laced with incentives at best. Manny as a part time DH and bench bat could work. The worries that everyone has are how will he affect the locker room, how much will he slouch, and does he have anything left in the tank? If the Rangers team chemistry is as good as everyone seems to think it is, can it not spill over and have a positive effect on Manny? Who knows? As far as the slouch worry goes, he will not be a fielder, so defensive slouching would not be an issue. What he has left is the biggie.

Burnsengine and hefe300 are right. There’s not much to lean on as far as quality, starting free agent pitchers go. Duchscherer could be good, but maybe they’re hesitant on signing two such guys. Hopefully, Brandon Webb will be the right choice and be the pitcher he was a few years back.

Would the team be stronger with a healthy Manny Ramierz…that’s the question. I have to think that Daniels and Ryan are doing the dure diligence. I can go with this one.

It’s a moot point, Manny signed with the Rays for $2 million. That had to be why the Rangers were interested. But let’s back up a bit. I thought that this was a new ownership group that would do anything to win and money was no option? I know Vlad wants a two year deal, but here is guessing that he merely wants a fair deal. He showed them what he could do last year and took less money to do it. Take care of him please… For God’s sake, if you want a right handed hitting power DH then i take Vlad over Manny any day. Did the Rangers not know that Wells was available? He can play CF for me any day. He also probably would have liked to come to Texas since he is from here. Wells in CF on this club and who cares who the DH is. It truly is all about the pitching folks. I hate to say it, but we have seen strong offenses here before. Just where was that strong offense in the World Series? Gone, shut down, by a bunch of young starting pitching that the Giants DEVELOPED FOLKS. Again i say it. If we want a staff ACE, we are going to have to develop one here and keep it…..At this point, i put Francisco as closer and see what Feliz can do as a starter, or i go back to Japan and see if i can find another Colby Lewis which is really the signing and find of the decade.

Wells is owed 107 million over the next 4 seasons. If they’re going to pay that kind of money for an outfielder, it should be used to lock up Josh Hamilton.

Pardon me. It’s 86 million over 4 years that Vernon Wells is owed, an average of 21.5 per. If the Rangers played their cards right, maybe they might be able to get Hamilton for 5 years for that kind of total, being that he’s not eligible for free agency for another 2 years.

Brad …I think if you can read yo’ll seee that the reason we haven’t signed Vlad is that he wants to be in the lineup every day. Now where do we have to put him in the lineup everyday. In addition he faded badly last year with regular play…he’s probably suited for coming off the bench…be sides it looks as if the Oriles will have a spot for him.

I’m ready to go with the lineup we have.

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