Nolan Ryan talks Guerrero, pitching, Jon Daniels

Rangers president Nolan Ryan addressed a few subjects on his club Wednesday afternoon…

* Ryan said the Rangers would still like to add a veteran hitter off the bench now that Jim Thome has signed with the Twins.

“It’s always nice to have a veteran bat off the bench,” Ryan said. “It gives you an opportunity late in the game if you don’t like the matchups. I’m not sure that person is out there.”

* Ryan admitted that Vladimir Guerrero and Manny Ramirez probably don’t fit that profile…

“We thought Thome had a niche you’d like,” Ryan said. “I don’t think some of the other free agents fit that niche. I don’t picture Guerrero as a player in that role after the year he had for us last year and the role he played on the team. I’d have to think both of them are looking for more at-bats and playing time on a day-to-day basis.”

* Ryan on the possibility of adding more starting pitching…

“I’m happy with the mount of talent we have in our pitching prospects. When you look at Michael Kirkkman, Derek Holland and Tommy Hunter, they have the talent you’re looking for in your starting pitchers. It’s a matter of them going to Spring Training and being consistent. It will really come down this spring who we are most comfortable with.

“Everybody is looking for veteran starters that can give you innings and get you deep into games. But I don’t think it’s realistic we can acquire somebody of that nature.”

* Ryan said the Rangers will get an extension done for general manager Jon Daniels, who is signed through 2011.

“That will be a priority in the next couple of weeks,” Ryan said.



I realize that the thought of resigning Millwood might make some throw up a little in their mouth, but a 5th guy in the rotation who can give you 180 innings has value, and helps preserve the bullpen (and our bullpen is not getting younger this year). A team cannot have too much pitching. I realize it brings back some bad memories, and doubt it would ever happen for that reason….

Call me nostalgic, but I’d also like to see Vlad back if he’s willing to come back in a reduced role. Seems like there ought to be 300 +/- ABs for him, and that the lack of suitors for him might lead to a team-friendly one-year contract. If there’s a long-term injury to a starter, this signing would look really good, assuming Vlad would be willing to swallow a little pride. I really think that wash overused him last year, and that he ran out of gas because he wasn’t rested much in the first half. Keep him rested, and I think he would not repeat last Oct.


Hey Stork, I totally agree if he will sign for the right amount of money. Let’s see what the market brings him and maybe it will shake out in our favor for the role we need him to provide, 300 at bats, .280 BA, 80 RBI, 17+ HRs. I’m certainly not holding out hope for it to happen but it would be nice.

both want prox $10mil- that’s $20Mil we can use to sign good arms in july. we’re in better shape than last year and will lead the division, when we’re ready to find & sign an ace or two.

no way millwood or guerrero get anywhere near $10 million. they’ll be lucky if they get $5.

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