Cruz Wilson sign

The Rangers have avoided two potential arbitration hearings by agreeing to a one-year deal with outfielder Nelson Cruz and pitcher C.J. Wilson on Tuesday.

Cruz is in his first year or arbitration eligibility while Wilson can be a free agent after the upcoming season. Terms have not been announced.


The Rangers must be smoking crack if they think the Arbitrator is going to let them have Josh Hamilton for 8.3 Million. Heck they probably sold 8.3 million dollars worth of jerseys. Hey Josh you should have asked for more than 12 million. You are the reigning MVP of the American League and did well for yourself in the playoffs and world series. 8.3 million is a joke and lowball offer when A-Rod and others are making 27 million per year. So Josh is only worth 30 percent of what A Rod makes to the Rangers. The Rangers have made JOSH the face of the franchise and put him out there front and center, promoted him as the feel good story of the decade and do this. Is it really any wonder why players leave here when they get the chance? Huge money offer for Lee and only 7 million per year for Wilson, who is now our staff ace with Lewis a close second. Don’t let WILSON walk you will regret it. 7 million is chump change for a pitcher of his stature, if he goes out and wins 15 to 17 this year which he is capable of doing, double that 7 million plus possibly more is what he will be worth, resign him now fools. Don’t let him get to free agency…. You will regret it. And how about that lowball offer to Cruz? Way under paid. If he does again what he did last year he is going to get his money somewhere. If it were me, I would tell the Rangers, hey give me more money or when i am eligible for free-agency, no matter what you offer i will not resign here. Take care of me now and i will take care of you in the future, reciprocity folks. You take care of those who take care of you and this has been the chief problem of this “organization” for years.

You can always count that the people complaining the most about the arbitration process are the ones who understand it the least. It become immediately clear from thier gripes that they don’t understand the process by which these numbers are derived. The fact that the Rangers haven’t gone to a hearing since Lee Stevens would seem to be a pretty clear indication that they have a secure idea of how to navigate their arb cases, but it’s alway funny to hear the advice of novices about how it’s supposed go.

CJ has no motivation to sign a deal with the team if he is confident in himself – and the dude is. He could be one of the top 2 or 3 FA pitchers on the market next year.

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