New Winter Caravan Rules

The Rangers Winter Caravans are apparently drawing big crowds so they have had to institute a few new rules for tonight’s stop in at the Academy Sports & Outdoors location, 6101 I-20 (at Bryant Irvin Road) in Fort Worth. The appearance takes place from 6:30-8:00 p.m. Participants: Derek Holland, Mitch Moreland, Dave Anderson, Tom Grieve, Jim Sundberg.

The rules are:

Autographs will be limited to the first 300 people.

300 autograph passes will be distributed two hours before the event begins. You must be present to receive an autograph pass.

One autograph per player. No personalized autographs and no posed photos.

Fans are requested to pay for all merchandise before the appearance.

Free autograph cards are available upon request at the autograph table.


Is it true The Rangers were thinking of trading Mitch Moreland for Garza! Me personally that would of been a big mistake

I hear now the Rangers are interested in Thome from the Twins, with all the players that they have aquired I think alot of teams are gonna have to think BEWARE of this team.

The report is that the Rangers were unwilling to part with Moreland, prompting the Rays to accept the Cubs offer after they decided to include Chris Archer.

Any truth to the rumors that the Rangers are interested in Todd Helton? The Rockies were interested in Michael Young at the winter meetings….Is it possible that Young goes there for Helton? What is Helton making? Is it close to what Young is?

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