Rangers tried to get Garza and almost did

According to Peter Gammons, the Rangers went hard after Matt Garza this week. Club officials made it clear this winter that they were interested in Garza and apparently they tried very hard.

Gammons said the Rangers tried to get catcher Robinson Chirinos from the Cubs and package him in a deal along with pitchers Derek Holland and Frank Francisco, and Minor League outfielder Engel Beltre.

But the Rays preferred what they were getting from Chicago because the Cubs were willing to put pitcher Chris Archer in the deal. A source said the Rays were close to doing business with the Rangers, but told the Cubs they could get Garza if they included Archer in the deal.

The Cubs huddled and decided to do the deal. If they had said no, the Rangers would have added Garza to the rotation. The Rays ultimately really wanted Archer.



The Cubs know they’re not contenders…right?!

They’re looking up at the Cardinals, Reds and Brewers and–if things fall the right way–maybe even the freakin’ Astros.

I think the Cubs should have held onto the top player in an already weak system and let the Rangers have Garza.

Nice to know that they tried. I’m glad they didn’t give uup Holland and Francisco.

It’s a good move for the Rays and Cubs. Garza is under team control until 2013. Giving up Hak-Ju Lee will hurt them more down the road than Archer in my opinion. Either way, the Cubs have a lot of payroll coming off the books after 2011 and will more than likely go on a spending spree, but hopefully no more Alfonso Soriano type of contracts.


This will be the first year in the last 5 offseasons that the Cubs haven’t signed an outfielder to a big contract. I guess 4 in 4 years was enough.

Why not Rafael Soriano? Would he not strenthen our bullpen.
Would he not add flexibility? I trust john Daniels but I don’t quite understand why we havent ‘kicked the tire’ on this one.

Almost? As in grenade close? Let’s face it, it wasn’t so much TB WANTED Archer, it was HOW he fit into their system… as in two-four years down the road. Holland the same? NO. He’s ready for the move-up, which puts TB right where they were before the trade. Too many MLB ready pitchers. Holland basically jams up the same pipeline as Garza did. You offer TWO farm pitchers from Texas, other than Perez/Scheppers and now Rangers are on the right track of reality… “the fit” of the trade. We could have been much more creative. It looks to me almost what we wanted to dump, over the “need or fit” of the Rays. No, not really a dump, but the actual ‘give’ is questionable. I’m not saying Holland is not ‘choice’, but is TB going to bury him in AAA? Makes no sense. Yes, Archer was key, but… so is TB’s budget, now and down the road. Four days later, this trade is still in my craw. We needed Garza to slot into a questionable staff, for the first half. It should have been a done deal for Texas Rangers. We had the young arms to ‘fit’ into the 2-4 year ready spectrum TB is trying to play to. Yes, grenade close.

“We had the young arms to ‘fit’ into the 2-4 year ready spectrum TB is trying to play to” – Who?

I am glad we didn’t give up any of our young pitchers. I believe the CUBS are going to rue the day they dealt Archer. Granted Garza is only 27 but you never, never ever, never ever give up young pitching prospects. No matter what team you are. Still think that we should have went 7yrs for Lee, especially if you are going to turn around and give Beltre 80 Million guaranteed. Lets not forget that this team was built with young players, to start trading those guys at the expense of our future is just us repeating our past mistakes. I believe we were a year ahead of schedule and are primed for a 3 to 4 year run depending on Daniels moves. It looks like we are going to have to overpay at the trade deadline for a staff ace. So who is it that we think might be available. I hear that Zambrano might be availabe from the Cubs. Lets go get him before the Yankees do. Nostra predicted previously that Thome is on the Rangers wish list. Do we really need more left handed power? Is he going to be cheaper than Vlad? This it what always irks me about the Rangers. They get a guy to come in on a lowball incentive deal, he plays MVP Ball and helps Snorty get an MVP, they win a Division and League Championship, go to the World Series and his butt is on the street????? Say what you will, but Vlad was a huge part of this teams success and really helped Cruz mature as a player. So is a 2 year deal really that much to ask for? I believe he earned it!!!!! I sure would hate for him to return to the Angels and kill us, which is what will happen if we don’t re-sign him. Young can play first base for all i care but Vlad and Thome are pretty much the same player and i prefer to dance with the one who brung you. Thome is 4 to 5 years older than Vlad.

I’ll address only one of the nonsense remarks above,,,,Zambrano is available??? Kind of silly since they just traded the world for a starter isn’t it….just out of curiosity what is your source or is this one of your “cosa nostra” things?

We should get Zambrano you say….what should we use to get him. buttons???..if indeed the Cubs would trade (and we would want a troubled pitcher like Zambrano….which I can’t imagine we would) we would have to trade young pitching to get him….which is why we didn’t get Garza because we wouldn’t go deeper. Take the Lithium Brad!

Last year it was a 2 year window, a few weeks ago it was a 3 year window and now it?s potentially 4? I guess the reason you never bother to explain these ?windows? of yours is so you can keep changing them at random to fit whatever you?re selling that particular day. Your re-sign Vlad rants evoke memories of your re-sign Milton Bradley rants.

Hey get off my fredr_us, hefe! “The Rangers have become a model for other small market, low revenue clubs…..” Well the last time i checked even before they started winning, The DFW Metroplex is the 8th largest market in the good old U.S.A. where we used to have freedom of speech and thought. Now freedom of speech just means you can speak in any language other than English. Secondly the Rangers, even before they started winning weren’t a low revenue club as in earnings. Have you seen the concession prices out there prior to the new ownership taking over? Now it ain’t Jones price gouging, but it ain’t cheap either. The bottom line is it was only after DANIELS learned to stop giving away players that this turned around. The Texiera deal is what saved this guys job. I say Andrus and Feliz have worked out great. Subtract that deal, and he would have been fired already! Lets just remind ourselves that the first deal he made was to get Eaton and the Japanese reliever for Chris Young and Adrian Gonzalez. He then made a bad trade of Soriano, because they got rid of Galaraga. Murphy and Beltre for Gagne is a good deal. It is only my opinion here and subject to severe scrutiny, but Cliff Lee showed it to us by leaving. THE ONLY WAY WE ARE GOING TO GET A STAFF STUD ACE IS TO DEVELOP ONE? THAN MEANS YOU CANT TRADE JON DANKS FOR BRANDON MCCARTHY… END OF STORY! Wouldn’t he look nice in our rotation right now? You never, never, never ever trade first round pitching prospects. BEAVAN AND SMOAK FOR LEE WITHOUT RETAINING LEE IS GOING TO HURT, bet on it..

It looks like oh Daniels should have left for N.Y. Mets when he had the chance. How does it feel to be twisting in the wind Daniels? Signed your good buddy Ron Washington.

Daniels is under contract for the next 11+ months and even if the Rangers, for some idiotic reason, didn?t extend him, he?ll be a hot commodity on the open market. Either you don?t understand what the idiom ?twist in the wind? means or, as usual, your grasp of the situation is laughably off base.
The Rangers have 2 draft picks coming to replace their presence in the farm system and Mitch Moreland to replace Smoak at the major league level. Beavan can?t miss bats at Triple-A. He has value as a potential back of the rotation innings eater, but he?s far from replaceable, especially with the young pitching talent currently ready to contribute and on the way in the future. Besides all this, it?s well documented that you were in favor of the Lee trade if it didn?t include Perez or Scheppers. This is just another in an ever increasing string of flip-flops.
It?s always sad to realize how poorly the public education system has failed some people when you read some yayhoo talking about his right to free speech. Your right to free speech shall not be infringed by the government. If you repeatedly say dumb things, you have no ?right? to expect the public not call you out on it.

Jon Daniels turned this franchise around after he was finally able to convince ownership of his plan to build from the ground up. Prior to that, his hands were tied by the unrealistic expectations of an owner who overestimated the club?s proximity to contention. When you have a boss that instructs you to win immediately, while simultaneously cutting payroll, you get Danks/McCarthy, Soriano/Wilkerson and Otsuka/Gonzalez trades. When allowed to operate under guidelines he established for a rebuild, Daniels put together a winner on a shoe string budget, then calculated the team?s readiness perfectly and only relinquished top young talent in exchange for a difference making player when it was clear that they had a chance at greatness. This is evidenced by the best postseason in club history in 2010.

L O L are guy’s actually re-reading the stuff your writing and talking about, maybe you should watch each word and check carefully before you say anything logic and make sure your saying what makes

Daniels seems to be regressing or nobody will deal with him in earnest. He can’t seem to pull the need string- as in Greinke or Garza. Did he just miss the boat with the correct package?
Certainly seems so. Not that the Rangers needed pitching! Oh boy, whifffffff

Daniels is the greatest….. while he continues to deal our top round picks. Perez and Scheppers are next. It is a vicious cycle. How do you offer Thome money over Vlad? That is what is so wrong about this organization. Give VLAD a two year deal and play Young at first base, whatever. VLAD was a large part of what they were able to do last year and had a huge positive impact on Cruz. Why not reward that? Granted he struggled in the playoffs with no plate discipline but I would rather have a known quantity especially if the alternative is for him to go back to the Angels or A’s and tear us up…..again. I would much rather have him than that idiot Ramirez…. At least their hasn’t been a sniff or whisper about Vlad and steroids. P.S. to hefe, and fredrus kma, kma. and Jon keep trading our top picks away i love it. Oh mother hubbard went to the cubbard and found that her cubbard was bare. Jon and the beanstalk. Do the Rangers have any other veteran players that they don’t want to pay that they can get a load of talented young players from. What were the Braves thinking? You never ever never ever, NEVER trade young pitching, like Feliz…… There is a first time for everything, here’s a quarter call someone who cares.

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