Beltre contract

The numbers on Adrian Beltre’s contract

2011 – $14 million

2012 – $15 million

2013 – $16 million

2014- $17 million

2015 -$18 million

2016 – $16 million

The Rangers can void the last year of the contract if Beltre does not get either 1,200 plate appearances in 2014-15 or 600 plate appearance in 2015.



Congratulations to Bert Blyleven, thanks flipper you earned it. Now that he is in, what is keeping Tommy John out? Here are Bly’s stats: 287 wins-250 losses, 3.31 ERA, 3701 K’s and Johns: 288 wins,-231 losses, 3.34 ERA and 2245 K’s. Eerily similar. Again, i say just what changed in 14 years that Blyleven got in now as opposed to getting in at least much earlier? Please answer…. The bottom line is there are plenty of guys out there that are HOF worthy, keeping them out only diminshes the history of the sport. I don’t want marginal guys in there, but the days of some pitcher sticking around to win 300 plus games is over folks. Having said all that to say all this, how about a top ten list of the most deserving of the HOF? #1 Pete Rose….

Essentially it’s from a Kids view, or at least the eyes of OUR view as Kids. It’s about our Heroes. The Originals were bigger than life…. still are. Somehow many didn’t measure up with the image of history. Seemed watered down. Our memories fade, but eyes get bigger, as we compare stats(uhg). Reggie probably broke the veil or membrane that enclosed larger than life Heroes. Stats? No, not so much for Reggie. Even seeing Sandy Koufax in my day, I couldn’t imagine how he compared to a Grove, Mathewson or even Dizzy Dean. As time creeped on and a Koufax retirement… one begins to miss the superlatives of reality that Sandy was. So goes Blyleven, the Gamer, also. Bert’s curveball supreme, only second to Sandy’s, is now in Cooperstown where he should be. Times do change. Watered down? Sure, it’s not the same game, but Baseball Heroes will always be part of a child’s view. So will Cooperstown.

As a child I “watched” my Braves onte the radio with Blaine Walsh and Earl Gillespie and read about them in the Sunday Milwaukee Sentinel. “My” guys were clean living straight aarows.” We knew who the Hall candidates were…Eddie Mathews, Warren Spahn, Hank AAron…but we had favorite players who sometimes didn’t go far Bob Hazle, Bob Uecker…it was all there in front of us as we were there at Milwaukee County Stadium when the Dodgers hit town. I think there’s always a hometown prejudice (…but who can explain my classmate Gary offering me every Eddie Mathews for an Ernie Banks in return?) I won’t bad mouth Blyleven now that he’s in…certainly a better choice than anyone else on the ballott. I can just say I wouldn’t have voted for him if I were a ballott holder nor for anyone else. They just didn’t “look” l;ike the stars I remembered.

Nice picture you painted fredr. It wasn’t too different here for me in the 70’s with my Rangers. I had my favorites like Hargrove, Harrah, Sundberg, Grieve, Jenkins, Bibby etc. But I remember when we traded Bill Singer, Roy Smalley, Mike Cubbage and Jim Gideon for Blyleven and Danny Thompson. It seemed as if every game Blyleven pitched for us was a game he lost 1-0 or 2-1. He was a gamer all right. His only problem is that he spent most of his career on bad teams. I would’ve voted for him…..however, I have some of that hometowm prejudice also. That’s how baseball go! By the way, here is a trade for you. I traded my ’74 Reggie Jackson (A’s) to my friend Jimmy for Bill Hands, Dave Nelson, and David Clyde! I needed them to complete my ’75 Rangers’ team set so I pulled the trigger. Big mistake because I ended up getting them by the end of the season in packs. Great example of pulling the trigger without having patience. Back then, all I cared about were my Rangers’ cards even if they were from the previous year’s team every year. I never got another ’74 Reggie. I “d’god” myself every time I think about that trade…..EVERY TIME! You never, EVER trade a superstar for spare Rangers….Never! Period. End of story.

I have finally found a way out of this steroid mess. This will also help with HOF voting. Here are some numbers McGwire had 1,626 hits in his career, 583 of which were HR’s. Since the goal of steroids was to hit more home runs and earn more money then lets just throw out the # of HR’s they hit. McGwire’s HR to Hits ratio was 35 % in other words 35 % of his hits were HR’s one of the highest ratios of the suspects, which makes him suspect. 1,043 hits does not make you a HOFer Now Palmeiro is a different sort, he had 3,020 hits and would have had more if he hadn’t been black balled. Now he hit 569 HR’s which accounted for only 18 % of his hits. If you take those 569 HR’s away Palmeiro still had 2,451 hits, which makes him worthy in my book, even if i personally don’t like the guy. Gonzalez had 1,936 hits 434 HR’s for a 22% rate of HR’s. It could be fun to compare what % of HR’s to Hits of AARON, MANTLE and RUTH with Bonds and Sosa. As i said i believe this is a way out

Player Hits HR’s %
Aaron 3771 755 .20
Ruth 2873 715 .24
Mays 3283 660 .201
Jackson 2584 563 .2178
Bonds 2935 762 .259
Sosa 2408 609 .252
Mcgwire 1626 583 .35
Palmeiro 3020 569 .18
We all know that Aaron, Ruth, Mays, and Jackson weren’t on Steroids. But out of the most suspect players Mc Gwire at 35 % stands out. 35 % of his hits were HR’s and he is well beyond Ruth who did it at 24%. So lets just say that if a steroid era player has a .24 HR to Hit Ratio, then they were juicing, on the stuff. That excludes Sosa, Mc Gwire and Bonds. The player who seems to get hurt here the most is Palmeiro who is the only one who reportedly tested positive for the stuff. His .18% Hits to HR rate isn’t even questionable and if he hadn’t tested positive or been disgraced he goes in, even though i don’t personally like him… Now onto the praise of Michael Young and how wonderful and team player he is. Let’s ask this question? Would he be doing this if the Rangers were losing? That is if we hadn’t just gone to the World Series and primed for a 3 to 4 year run at the title as it appears we are? I say no. If we were in a re-building state, he would have used it as an opportunity to say something along the lines of what A-ROD said, “I want to win,” I don’t want to play with 24 young guys and go through a rebuilding process. Young is smart and is no dummy, but to laud him for doing what is in his own personal best interest, TR seems senseless! This guy knows what losing is about and at this point in his career does anyone really think that he wants to start that process all over again? Young ain’t no Rose or Robinson in my book.. Pete got caught up in the adoration of the fans, like alot of these professional athletes are doing today. He thought he was bigger than the game. I still say he should be inducted, especially in light of some of the people that are there. The HOF should be about what you did on the field….What type of player you were, not whether you were a bad father, husband or whatever…..

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