Beltre deal ready to be finished

Adrian Beltre is going to be the Rangers Opening Day third baseman.

The latest word on Tuesday night is that Beltre arrived in Texas this afternoon to have his physical in preparation for an expected announcement tomorrow night. His agent, Scott Boras, is also flying in to Texas on Tuesday.

Boras and the Rangers will likely hammer out any remaining obstacles on Wednesday in preparation for an official announcement.

But all indications are this is pretty much a done deal.



The only two seasons this guy has had that would merit $15-$16M per year were two both came in the final years of prior contracts. Given the folks who are arbitration-eligible or soon to be artibration eligible — this money could be better spent.

Ah, the “Beltre is motivated only by contract years” argument.

I have no problem with Beltre signing, shoring up both 3rd base defensively, and providing a big bat IN FRONT of Josh, which I think would be perfect. . .I’ve heard so many negative things about Beltre from some on here, and on talkradio, but I’m willing to give him a pass, to start fresh. In Seattle, he was on “clunkers.” With a legitimate team (Red Sox) he flourished. So, let’s give him a clean slate to start with.
I sure would like to see one more reliable pitcher in Arlington, as I don’t feel Scooter Feldman, Neftali, Ogando, or maybe not even Holland are really going to “cut it” in the starting role. Is there any chance of the Rangers packaging some talent: Chris Davis, draft picks, whoever…..for Josh Johnson of the Marlins? Just throwing that out for general discussion. Or…..Felix Hernandez….what would it take to extract him, and WOULDN’T he be worth it? Seems Trader Jack up in the Rainy City doesn’t mind trading within the Division. Oh well, let’s give Beltre a chance. And, kudos to Michael Young for having the great attitude; I think he’ll play all infield positions plus DH, so get plenty of AB’s to make him a happy camper.

“The only two seasons this guy has had that would merit $15-$16M per year..” – Have you seen the contracts being handed out to position players this offseason? If Beltre were a consistent middle of the order bat in addition to playing outstanding defense, he’d have gotten a contract in the neighborhood of Jayson Werth’s.

Rather than be negative on the trade or Beltre (both of which I could do) I will point out that offensively with only the output of a small amount of money (baseball wise) the Rangers have an awesome lineup. Of course Beltre needs to hit like he was in Boston. Michael, Josh , Ian and Nelson need to stay healthy. We save money ($6 mil) by not bringing back Vlad so we’re only down about $10 mil. Everything else remains the same including Blanco and Murphy and Moreland. No room for Davis or Teagarden unless someone gets hurt. The relief staff is “golden”…I worry a bit about the starters but I can wait until Feb and March to see how that works out.. Now Matt Garza would make me smile from ear to ear but I’m thinking right now…maybe we don’t need him

I don?t expect Beltre to duplicate the amazing season he had in Boston, but he shouldn?t be the drop off black hole of offense some are predicting. I read a lot of people here and other places talking about his 2 amazing contract years meaning that he only performs when money is on the line without mentioning that his worst career season was also a walk year and that he had 2 lackluster seasons when he was going into arbitration years. They also all conveniently omit that he?s played, except for last season, in extreme pitchers parks his entire career. Seattle is the worst location in the AL for a right handed power hitter. If he hits like he has outside of Safeco Field and plays the stellar defense he has for his entire career it will be a good signing.

I like the signing of Beltre, because he #1 hits for more power, which you want from your third baseman, #2 plays way better defense than Young ever thought of. But of course Young plays way better defense at second than Kinsler. I will miss Vlad and hope the Angels don’t get him back. I hope the Rangers are putting some money aside for Cruz, Hamilton, and Andrus….. I still would not be surprised to see Young dealt especially if they are willing to pick up his entire contract. Guerrero is gonna cost far less than 16 million per year, so if the Rangers basically exchange Young for Beltre and pickup some young pitching for Young then i am ok with that too… But if the Rangers do keep Young, i would like to see him at first base alot. I still want my first baseman to hit for more power than what Young does, but a platoon with Moreland will be ok. Can he be any worse than Cantu? This is a solid offensive club, but hey folks if we learned anything last year, “IT IS ALL ABOUT THE PITCHING AND DEFENSE, ESPECIALLY IN THE PLAYOFFS. How many runs did we score against the GIANTS? How many games did we win against the GIANTS. GO GET GARZA! GGG!, GGG!, GGG!, GGG!, rhymes with DVD, DVD. If Blyleven makes the HOF today, tell me what changed? Answer absolutely nothing! I understand not voting guys in on the first ballot, but comeon! He should have been put in at least on the #3 through 5. Bye the bye, here is a guy who came up as a second baseman as a rookie , was rookie of the year, then moved to left field the next year, then right field, then third base, then first base. You guessed it, “Charlie HUSTLE” Peter Edward ROSE, himself a three time World Champion. If he ain’t in then how in the shell does ALOMAR get in there? What is worse, gambling on baseball or spitting on another human being? Are their any standards left?

“What is worse, gambling on baseball or spitting on another human being?” – Which one is worse is debatable. Which one lands you a lifetime ban isn’t.

“I still would not be surprised to see Young dealt especially if they are willing to pick up his entire contract.” – I still am offering my original bet.

I want my HOF for the truly greats. Alomar was truly a great player, a top 10 second basemall of all time. But what is wrong with putting Rose in their and putting on his placard, ” One of the greatest players of all time, “Charlie Hustle”, part of 3 World Championship teams. A winner by all acounts! Given a lifetime ban, by MLB for betting on baseball. The guy is paying his pentence for not being allowed back in the game. I am sure that is killing him and his ego. What grates on me is they will wait until ROSE is dead before putting him in, much like the NFL HOF did with Bullet Bob Hayes. Let them see it while they are alive. If you don’t include the flawed players, who will remember them? In 100 years no one will know who Shoeless Joe is, the same goes for Rose. I call it the penitetiary wing, or wing of flawed players or steroid wings? If you have a steriod wing then Palmeiro, McGwire, Sosa, Gonzalez all go in and no one cares. The cost of admission? The admission that you used PED’s in order to pad your stats and your wallet!

Is there something I don’t know about Luis Tiant that kept him out of the Hall?

Brad…I love your method (well actually not) of picking the hall. I check those Cincinnati Reds teams from the championship years for fielders who were on all three teams…I mean that’s your criteria for choosing Rose…so here’s guys who were on all 3 championship teams…Ed Armbrister, Cesar Geronimo, Dan Driessen, Darel Chaney and Ken Griffey. Nice guys all I’m sure but according to you they should be in the Hall……hmmmmmm.

There are 4192 reasons Rose should be in. I am sure Armbrister, Geronimo, Driessen, Chaney and Griffey don’t have 4,192 hits combined……..But hey Rose bet on baseball, so he shouldn’t be in there, ha. Here is betting that when Rose is dead and gone he is voted in. What a joke!!!

If Rose truly wanted to be in, he’d be there already. He gets more noteriety, recognition and fame by being “snubbed”. Steadfastly claiming you were innocent and got railroaded for years and years, then coming out with a best selling book detailing your guilt isn’t how someone who is truly contrite acts. He gets zero sympathy from me. The joke is that people like you think 4192 means he’s somehow not accountable for his actions. Once a lifetime ban always a lifetime ban! ha ha

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