Young willing to DH

Michael Young said Monday night that he is willing to move to designated hitter if the Rangers sign Adrian Beltre.

Young also said he would be willing to play multiple positions if that got him on the field.

Young said he does not want to be traded.

“I want to stay here,” Young said.

Young’s willingness to accomodate the team could pave the way for a deal for Beltre.

More on the website later.



I really hope this is accurate. it’s the best thing it could happen. MY agreeing to DH and the Rangers adding Beltre.
I hope the deal gets done soon. See you again World Series!!!!!

Good man.

I certainly hope this is true and not something the Rangers are saying to save face. Michael Young is a leader in the clubhouse. We can’t lose him. Nolan, don’t let us down.

I certainly hope this is true and not something the Rangers are saying to save face. Michael Young is a leader in the clubhouse. We can’t lose him. Nolan, don’t let us down.

I just don’t understand why the Rangers are even considering Beltre. Yes, he is a considerably better defender but that’s it. Offensively last year, his second best season, was not much better than what Young has averaged over his career. His avg season is nothing special at all. Factor in that he is supposed to be a bad locker room guy and Young obviously being unhappy this would be a huge mistake. A clear step back from where they were last year. They need to keep that $16million a year in their pocket until something better comes around.

My Young team player, ha, ha, first you hear he doesn’t want to DH, now you here he does. Young doesn’t want to leave this team, who can blame him, he has suffered through the losing and paid his dues, but was also compensated for those dues, 16 million per season. I personally would let Young play second and have Kinsler DH. Young has better range and defense at second base than Kinsler ever did, and remember the Rangers wanted better defense from their second baseman, thus the reasoning for trading Soriano. I hate that this move leaves Vlad out, but it looks like he may be taking the blame for his World Series batting avg and free swinging ways. Hey Vlad, go back to the Angels and kill the Rangers as you have always done. I will take Vlad over Beltre any day. The only fingers you may see flying next year from Beltre is the double middle fingers, hey its a new t-shirt and i am tired of the claw and antlers…..

Brad the troll is back! You know guy…you’re an idiot. I don’t like this deal especially but you’ve got to trusst Ryan and Daniels who have really done a job for us. I never thought Young was bad at 3rd base but evidentially they thought it was a problem. You really can’t deny that the team will be better.

And yes Mie Young is a team player. First, 2nd, then short and now third. He won’t make All-star at DH or 1st…people seem to want better power numbers at that position. He’ll never be a hall of famer by going to DH now…he just won’t have the power numbers to do that either. What a selfless guy…sure he was paid…but what a team player! A great lesson to kids.

We now need a left handed power bat, maybe someone who can play a little first and DH. Is Thome still available? What will he cost? Hey fredr_us, to answer the political question. The Ranger “organization” overpaid for Young, at a time when they had dealt Texiera. The “organization” overpaid Young, the face of the franchise, please come to the alcohol park drink beer, eat nachos, pay $12.00 to park. In other words Young put butts in the seats and that is why they paid him that huge contract. Butts, donkey’s or as Mel Gibson says, “Arses” or fredr-us, they are all equivalent or interchangeable to me! Now they have found a way to keep Young at the expense of Vlad. If i am such an idiot then why was i and four others, i believe we called ourselves the “cinco” all for a youth movement and the ending or so we thought of getting rid of our young players. If i am such an idiot, why was i screaming when Daniels put Cruz on waivers and luckily no one claimed him. If i am such an idiot then why was i screaming that Jon Danks was a better pitcher than Mc Carthy. If i am such an idiot, why did i say that Beltre and Ogando, wouldn’t get back in our country until a Democratic President was in office. If i am such an idiot for saying stop giving away top talented players for nothing. Like Adrian Gonzalez, Jon Danks, Alphonso Soriano, Pudge Rodriguez and many others for nothing in return. I like getting Lee, but still think that if you are going to give up two #1 picks then you don’t have any other choice other than to give Lee 7 years. This team can’t get back to the World Series with out an ace pitcher. I hope Webb is healthy and he puts us over the top, but the odds are against it….See Rich Harden, Ben Sheets…..Justin Thompson…..

First off, you said multiple times that Beltre and Ogando would never get into the country. Cruz going unclaimed is one of your favorite topics. Answer me this, if it was such a black and white, not brainer decision, why did no team claim him? Daniels took a calculated risk to get Cruz back to the minors and it worked out perfectly. Also, the Young extension came way prior to the Teixiera trade. Man, not only are you bad at predictions, you can’t even get right what’s already occured. If you want a first baseman who can DH, why pay Jim Thome when you have Mitch Moreland? What happened to your plans for the youth movement? Oh, that’s right, you whined and cried about it the entire time it was actually happening. You’re entire exsistence on this blog is an utter failure in logic.

dgod/bm/nostradamus, March 1 2007 re the impending extension for Michael Young: “You guys are really starting to scare me with the committment that you are showing to your players and your fans. Way to go. Go Rangers!”

Some more classic dgod/bm gems from that very same post: He posits the theories that Arias should be installed as the SS and Teixiera could be extended for 7 years and 126 million. He would turn down 7/140 a few months later, leading to his trade.

Brad I don’t understand how you can handle the rejection! I think if you were taking your lithium this would be a different board,

Most of us are pumped that the Ranger;s were winners last year. What did you predict? Hmmm You predicted Ron washington would get fired and I think Mike Hargrove was your replacement or I think you said the manager in waiting was Hurdle. Of course you made it clear that Ron washingotn shold never have been hired because I think you said he talks ignorant and chews sunflower seeds. Your choice was the great white hope Hillman,,,how did that work out??? Nostra…BS!

You can’t even keep your trolling straight.No one in baseball wanted Cruz,,,how can you blame the Rangers for DFA’s him? It took the demotion and a trip to the minors for the guy to blossom. Good management I say, I’m sure an older John Daniels would like to have some of his trades back…who the heck wouldn’t considering “Hindsight”! I’m proud of the Rangers and like a lot of other fans I’ll put my Butt in the seats a few times this year as my budget allows. I also won’t miss a game on TV with Tom Grieve and whoever they partner with him. Unlike you….I’m a Ranger fan.

The scariest thing of all about you is that you’re a detective out on the street investigating serious crime…Someone ought to give the PD over there a copy of your posts…my gosh guy…take the lithium! And one last comment…where the heck are the rest of the cinqo…do you see them coming to your defense? I just don’t see how you can handle the rejection!

Been a while since I posted, but I just have to put in my 2 cents. MY has a right to not be happy when he is asked to change positions, but he always cowboys up and accepts what the management sees as best for the team. At some point in time every young athlete hears the statement, from a coach, “There is no I in team”. Then they see pros who do for themselves over the team. Micheal Young is the embodiment of the terms team player and team leader. I am proud that he is a member of my favorite team. If I had young kids, he would be the athlete that I would hold up as an example for them.

Hey fredr russia, not U.S. where we have freedom of thought and where you are entitled to say what you believe and not cave to pressure from non-open minded individuals. P.S. stop watching cop shows on television. Detectives work in an office not on the streets. Most of the crimes are solved over the telephone and in interview rooms when fools march in believe they can talk they way out of things only to confess and get arrested. News flash, if the police call you for an interview as a suspect and you know what you did, then get a lawyer, don’t come in thinking that we are your mother and daddy and will forgive. We are trying to make a case on you fool.

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