Rhodes, Webb official

The Rangers are officially announcing that they have signed pitchers Arthur Rhodes and Brandon Webb. A press conference has been scheduled for this afternoon.


I’d have guessed Rapada and Moscoso. 1 outta 2 ain’t bad.

Any thoughts on who they will remove from the 40 man roster?

We aren’t finished yet…if we sign a dh …the man from Vlad comes to mind…we risk losing one more. This is what guys like D’god don’t understand when they talk about not trading prospects. I don’t know…we may get something out of them but I’m skeptical. Keep prospects that’s what they say…duh? what about Rule 5…so you save them from 5 land put them on the 40 man…. Trade prospects that don’t fit in our long range plans and trade those that it makes sense to do so.

I read in the paper that Mike Young was maybe concidered still being on the trading block after getting Mike Napoli from the trade with Toranto? My feeling is see if the ball club can maybe trade Mich Moorland for another starting pitcher or another reliver and have Mr. Young play first base so that they can have veteran baseman at 1st base or have Mitch become a utility player or back-up in case of someone gets hurt. A good pitcher maybe Jeff Francis or anyother that might be of interst. I like Michael Young and I would like to see him stay but if Texas trades him; try to get players that would match his salery.

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