Beltre, Pettitte, Webb, Young

From the Rangers press conference…

* Club officials are not particularly optimistic that something will get down with third baseman Adrian Beltre. That deal seems unlikely give the tenor of feeling on Monday but things could change.

* The Rangers have sounded out Michael Young about a possible position change. Young was not receptive to the idea. Young has not spoken to the media this winter but has told the Rangers he’s not interested in moving off third base.

* The Rangers were interested in free agent pitcher Andy Pettitte and reached out to him this winter. The Rangers were told that Pettitte will either retire or go back to the Yankees. He will likely make a decision in February but if he pitches again, it will be with the Yankees. He made it clear he wants to retire as a Yankee.

* Brandon Webb said he expects to be 100 percent by the beginning of Spring Training and do everything the other pitchers are doing. The Rangers expect him ready by Opening Day but will not push him. They also acknowledge that, after not pitching for two years because of a shoulder injury, it might be that he starts off the season slow and gets stronger as the year goes on.



Everytime Young has to move positions, he complains initially. He moved from second to short and asked for a trade and then did the same when they moved him to third. It seems like he gets mad at things quickly and then accepts his new role just fine.

If I remember correctly he did not ask for a trade after the move from second to short. In fact he volunteered to move, so that Alfonso could come in and play second. He did request a trade after the move from short to third though.

I like a lot of thing Michael brings to the club, but I could care less what he wants to do defenisively. If he had his way he’d still be killing our pitchers with his horrible range at SS and Elvis would be traded or back at AAA for a third season.

Wake up folks the Rangers are trying to deal Young. He is making 16 million a year, way overpaid on a political move to show the organization cared at the time. It isn’t a co-incidence that Beltre is asking for 16 million and the Rangers are trying to give it to him. This team can’t afford 32 Million tied up in two non-pitchers. Does anyone on here really believe that the Rangers are going to keep Young and make him play a utility role and pay him $16 million a year. The bottom line is ALL EMPLOYEES have to do what their empolyers want them to do or they are gone. It doesn’t matter if he is making minimum wage or 16 million a year. All you ever hear is what a great teammate Young is and how Beltre is a cancer…..well now the Rangers are leaking stories of how Young is balking at moving to another position. Well all i have to say to him is get in front of the ball and play defense and hit more homeruns. I personally would like to see Young get dealt for some pitching prospects and see the Rangers get Beltre and Vlad. My only concern about Beltre is that he gets injured, otherwise he is a better defensive and hitter than Young. Here is betting that if we get Beltre Young gets sent somewhere and we have to pick up 8 million per year for 3 years. Does that look familiar?

Oh, Brian. You just never quit with the same old rants, do you? Michael is not going anywhere, regardless of the Beltre situation. He will be the DH/super-utility infielder for the Rangers in 2011 and beyond. I cannot argue that MY’s defense has degraded over the years, but I disagree that Beltre is an offensive upgrade over MY. In 327 less games played, he has only 41 less hits and has scored more runs than Beltre. He also has a better batting average, OBP and OPS, trailing only in SLG. Which leads us to runs produced per game: Beltre 1835 G, 912 R, 278 HR, 1008 RBI (1642 RP / 0.8948 RPG); Young 1508 G, 918 R, 158 HR, 811 RBI (1571 RP / 1.0417 RPG).

“Does that look familiar?” – Your post looks familiar. You’ve been saying Michael Young was getting dealt for about 4 years now. For someone who likes to tout his ability as a prognosticator, you sure are wrong a whole lot. Michael Young is going to be traded. Jon Daniels is leaving the Rangers for the Mets. Kevin Mench is the opening day right fielder, the Rangers will regret giving up on Kason Gabbard, I’ll never post here again etc, etc, etc. Another familiar aspect and complete logic fail is that you complain of how bad a contract Michael Young has, which happens to be true, then turn around in the same breath and talk about trading him and his bad contract for pitching prospects. You don?t get good prospects in return for bad contracts. You get more Kason Gabbards who don?t fit on an already full 40 man roster.

I’ll put up $100 that Michael Young is a Ranger on opening day 2011, if you want any of that action, bm. I’d love for you to accept, as I could use a cool hundred come April, but why would you break form and step up now when you’ve been spewing pusillanimous screed that you can’t back up for years.

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