My Hall of Fame vote…it includes Palmeiro

In memory of one of the great pitchers ever…my Hall of Fame vote is below


Here you go… feel free to disagree

Roberto Alomar – Quite deserving
Jeff Bagwell – Just thought he was more dominant than McGriff or Olerud.
Bert Blyleven – Others swayed me on this one
Barry Larkin – Hard choice in picking him over Trammell
Mark McGwire – As always, I decline to sit in judgment on the steroids issue
Jack Morris – I go back and forth on him. This year…yes
Rafael Palmeiro – Same as McGwire
Tim Raines – Very close. As a GM, I would rather have Parker or Murphy but he was a great leadoff hitter.
Juan Gonzalez – Yes
Kevin Brown – He gets more support than you think from the stats analysts

What about…
Edgar Martinez – Saw him in person for many years against the Rangers. Great great hitter. As a DH, I wish his career offensive numbers were a little better.
Larry Walker – Looked at him hard. Very hard. Just didn’t pull the trigger. Looked at some road numbers that held me back for now.


Martinez got a late start on his career so, while his .312/.418/.512 line is top notch, his totals don?t appear worthy. 309 homers and less than 2300 hits aren?t overly impressive for a strictly offensive player. I suppose it depends on how much weight you give to the period of dominance. He was undeniably one of the absolute best hitters in the game for a 12 year stretch. He hit the ball hard as often as anyone I?ve ever seen.
Agree on Blyleven, disagree on Morris. I?ve stated before, Morris is kind of my watershed guy. Blyleven was a much better pitcher, regardless of W/L record.
I?ve always felt Rains should deserve more consideration, but I don?t think he?s a Hall of Famer, ultimately.
Alomar should?ve gotten in last year and if he hadn?t spit on John Hirschbeck, he probably would?ve.
Fun stuff.

Bagwell and Blyleven… YES
Palmeiro, Gonzalez.. leaning more towards yes than no
Larkin, Alomar… straddling the fence but would choose larkin before alomar.

No matter how you feel about religion the bible often has things to say to us to live our lives by. One I’ve used over and over again is “Judge not.” And yet society, in our legal system, creates a position of judge. In that system a judge, even if he’s committed the crime himself or doesn’t believe in the law that creates the crime, is called on to protect society and hold the perpetrator responsible for his action. It’s not two faced…it’s not sanctimonious when he judges…that’s his responsibility and that’s how we keep order in society.

I suppose someone who holds a “hall of fame ” ballot could be like a judge with the same responsibility to the game and to the fans. If you don’t admit that the game deserves that than I suppose all this was wasted.

Don’t construe this as a lecture…just as the ramblings of a guy who spent 40 years in the legal system and loves it like he loves “our” game.

I don’t see anyone that I would have voted for this year. I see no one of the standard of Ruth and Gehrig, of Spahn or Aaron or of Nolan Ryan and Mickey Mantle. The fellows on this years ballot were good with a couple of exceptions (who were great but as flawed as Rose or Jackson).

Yes on Alomar, McGuire, and Palmiero. I agree we cannot judge players for steroid use since the media and fans let it happen for so long. I’ll bet a pretty nickel that there are already members of the HOF who have used steroids. Also, the Hall is meant for players who stand out for their entire careers, not just those who were great for a few or good for a long time. I love Juan, but he belongs in the list of players who never quite made it to the yes side of the ballot. Borderline great players are not Hall of Famers.

Fredr, I think many people misuse the “judge not..” of the bible that you are referring to. The context of that is for us not to “condemn” each other because grace and forgiveness are available to all. The power to condemn belongs only to the supreme judge. I love what you said regarding the position of judge. We can call a person on his sin and hold him accountable to the standards of society. That is biblical. If we believe that someone using a substance to give them an advantage over those who did not use a substance is cheating, then they shouldn’t be rewarded for their accomplishments while cheating whether or not there was a rule in place at the time. I consider that a very lame excuse. Especially if you cannot distinguish which stats were aided by the substance and which were not. I think the hall of fame should contain players who are great beyond a reasonable doubt. When you named Ruth, Gehrig, Spahn, Aaron, Ryan, and Mantle, there is no doubt about their greatness with anyone. It seems like the writers feel mandated to elect someone every year. Doing that just waters down the Hall of Fame and it becomes the Hall of Good Players.

Mr. Sullivan, I am quite surprised by your vote for Raffy because he got caught. There is no cloud of suspicion. He got caught and did so after arrogantly shaking his finger at Congress. I loved watching him play and was so surprised by how his career ended. I was extremely disappointed in him. And, his punishment should be as severe as exclusion from the Hall of Fame.

Finally, with all due respect Mr. Sullivan, is the honor of a Hall of Fame vote truly YOUR vote or something else? Do you presume to speak for the fans on this matter or is it simply left to your own personal opinion? If you are unable to come to a reasonable opinion about a steroids user, you should give up that valuable vote. I respect and enjoy your work, but the world has too many wishy-washy people who won’t stand up for what’s right. Standing up sometimes includes making a difficult decision. It would me more acceptable if your stance was “I voted for him because it doesn’t matter to me that his abilities may have been enhanced by the use of steroids or other PED’s”. While I disagree with that stance, I can respect it more than “I decline to sit in judgement on the steroids issue”. THAT is a cop out and your vote should be more honorable than that.

I know this isn’t germane to the topic……but can anyone answer either the chief reason or the primary thing that caused Josh Lewin to not be invited back, or fired, or let go…….?

I was curious and never heard anything definitive.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you T.R. and Ranger blog family!

I love Bullet Bob Feller, but he has to be rolling over in his grave with your above list of players. Feller was the most vocal Hall of Famer saying that Rose didn’t belong in the HOF. If Rose ain’t in, then Robby Alomar, who has huge personal issues other than spitting on an umpire. To me the hall of fame is for the Great Players. Palmeiro, Gonzalez, Brown, McGwire any and all steriod users should not be allowed in. Barry Bonds who could have made it without steroids all diminished themselves and the game. Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Jackson all hit those home runs on beer and hot dogs. While steroids weren’t against baseball rules the acquiring of them was a violation of Federal Law. Those guys got their money but they shouldn’t be honored by being inducted into the hall of fame. And another thing, when McGwire got up there and lied to congress and made a fool of himself by saying, “I am not here to talk about the past, he cost himself.” By the way anyone up there paying any attention to Roger Clemens Federal Indictment. Just tell the truth and put it behind you. Say hey, i was so competitive, i was looking for every opportunity to pad my numbers so i could get that money. I personally would respect that more than all the lies.

The bottom line is we as a society are too permissive, everything goes and everything is explained away!!!! I am for accountabiltity. Be accountable for your actions. Know that there are repercussions for your actions. For every action their is an equal and opposite reaction. They got their money, i see a couple of the other players out where i live, they have the money, but they are living in shame. Since the Bible is brought up, then how about this one. “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet lose his on soul?” Or from Proverbs, ” A name is like silver.”

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