Rangers said no to Lee

Rangers CEO Chuck Greenberg and GM Jon Daniels said Tuesday morning the club declined to go seven years on Cliff Lee.

They made it clear that there was an offer from Lee’s agent on a seven-year deal. If the Rangers had said yes, Lee would be back in Texas. The Rangers were not comfortable going that far for Lee and they declined the offer.

Daniels said the Rangers will now evaluate all options, including trading for starting pitching, upgrading the offense, reinforcing the bullpen and moving either Neftali Feliz and/or Alexi Ogando into the rotation.



Let this be a lesson to the Rangers. Braunecker (and through Braunecker, Lee) played the Rangers and the Yankees like a violin. All the talk about the length of contract, (Rangers go to 6yrs, Yankees go to 7), the money (Rangers go 22-23 million, Yankees go 25 million per yr) and he signs with Philly for 5 yrs at 20 million. He had no intention of signing with the Rangers or Yankees. Too bad we spent the entire winter meetings being used instead of pursuing deals that might help the team. We’ll do well next year despite the lack of good faith in negotiations. Go Rangers.

Did you not just read the article? If the Rangers had been willing to go 7 years then he would be in Texas right now, not Philadelphia. Philly wasn’t even in discussions with Lee or Braunecker until after the Winter Meetings were already over. He had every intention of signing with the Rangers or the Yankees until the Phillies (apparently where he actually wanted to play) called and offered him the deal he took. And after that he STILL gave the Rangers a chance to raise their deal and get him. There would be absolutely no reason for Lee and Braunecker to string the Rangers and Yankees along with the plan of spurning both of them and simply taking LESS money to go somewhere else. He didn’t use us or the Yankees. He’s in Philly now. Get over it.

Com’on, give me a break, you think there are stupid fans out there? so let me get this straight…you are willing to go 6 years to get one of the best pitchers in the game, but not 7? He’s worth 6 yrs, but not one single year more. I think you are covering up for botching this deal.

Yeah, somebody clearly didn’t read the article. JD’s fixin’ to be busier than a centipede in a toe countin’ contest.

I’d have loved to have Lee for 4 years, still wanted him at 5, was on the fence about 6 and 7 was a dealbreaker. I’m glad they showed some restraint instead of just giving Lee and his agent a blank check. If he was 28 years old it would be different, but it’s not just another year. It’s another year at 23 million dollars for a guy who would be 39 by the time the deal was up. Even at 6 years you’re probably already overpaying for the last 2 seasons.

I think the Rangers really dodged a bullet here by NOT signing Cliff Lee. The way I see it CJ Wilson, Colby Lewis, Tommy Hunter are three big time pitchers for Texas who had first place locked up before Lee even arrived. The Rangers are a great club and will dominate for years to come. They have the option of making Neftali Feliz a starter for 2011. They can do a lot of things internally for the start of the season. If at the trade deadline they need to get another stud for a final push they can do that too. Also don’t be surprised if Kansas City’s Zack Greinke and/or Tampa’s Matt Garza end up in Texas before this off season is over. Those two are younger, and equally as good than Cliff Lee. I would prefer the Rangers go down that path. I feel good about this non-signing. Thank you Mr. Lee. But so long. Thanks for not going to New York.

I was only for trading Beavan and Smoak, two first round picks away if we re-signed Lee. Now they are going to go out and trade more prospects for Greinke? Do we really have that luxury? Profar, Beltre, Perez and Scheppers for one guy? Come on!!!! Those who fail to remember the past are DOOMED to repeat it. Lee got us to the promised land but the team crashed and burned. This team needs to DEVELOP an ACE. Quick, name the last one or first one that they have developed? We would have been better off getting Oswalt, because #1 he wanted to play here and # 2 he was under contract. Don’t make moves just to be making moves. If they keep trading prospects then we are going to be right back to square #1, with a bad major league team and no prospects to feed the system. I sat there and watched the Red Sox go out and get Adrian Gonzalez, the #1 overall pick in the draft. Bone head Daniels couldn’t see the handwriting on the wall, that Texiera would leave via free-agency so they trade Gonzalez? Quick tell me what we have to show for that one?

I think many of us found out the difference between being a fan and being a smart baseball organization. Emotionally, because of our great season, I was ready to see the Rangers overpay for Lee. And, I was more relieved that he didn’t sign with the Yankees than I was disappointed that he will not return here. Now that the dust has settled, I am proud that the Rangers didn’t act like Tom Hicks and mortgage everything to get him. I would like to get Greinke, but not at the cost of completely depleting the system of our top prospects. So, I am thankful that the Rangers were competitive in the Lee sweepstakes and were real players with a legitimate offer. I am excited to see what J.D. and company come up with, if anything. And, I am excited that we still have prospects coming up that will contribute this season. Regardless, for the first time in over a decade, I trust the Rangers organization to act in the best interest of long term winning. I’m in a happy place here in Ranger land! And fredr, maybe the Phillies will trade Lee here for Jurickson Profar etc. in July when we are ready for another championship run :)

As tense as I was, waiting on the signing of Lee(to Texas of course). I felt a big amount of calmness when I found out that Lefty went to Philly. I really can’t explain that feeling much better. Nope, I wouldn’t have felt the same if Cliff had signed with Yankees. It was the oddist resolution to a needed end. sigh

?I was only for trading Beavan and Smoak, two first round picks away if we re-signed Lee.? ? Daniels doesn?t have the luxury of operating this team in your fictional world of predetermined results. “Bone head Daniels couldn’t see the handwriting on the wall, that Texiera would leave via free-agency” – Except he didn’t leave for free agency, did he? He was traded, in a move you complained about for over a year after it was made, despite it being one of the shrewdest in club history. Any bone head can tell you that this GM put an AL champion on the field on one of the smallest budgets in baseball. What in incompetent fool he must be.

I note with interest that at least one news reporting agency says the Rangers are going after Carol Pavano. I strongly urge them to red Joe Torree’s most recent book on Pavano’s stay with the Yankees. If there’s any truth to it I’m not sure this guy wouldn’t be poison in the clubhouse.

I tried to ignore the bmitchell/d’god continued insanity but I just can’t help myself. However, I’ll only address one absurd statement. “Lee got us to the promised land but the team crashed and burned.” Seriously? You view the 2010 Rangers as a team that crashed and burned. D’god, you couldn’t see anything positive even if someone etched plus signs on your eyeglasses! 2 teams made it to the World Series out of all of baseball. Ours happened to run up against a very worthy opponent who beat us. That is not a crash and burn. THAT is something to build on. Everyone knew the risk of the Cliff Lee trade and we were ALL willing to take that risk. So big deal, he signs with Philly and we get a couple of draft picks out of it and the team is not strapped with an acknowledged bad contract even for a great pitcher. As far as the need to develop an ace. If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it and C.C. and Cliff would still be in Cleveland. Pull your head out and embrace reality. It’s really not that bad at all. Sorry, I guess I addressed two statements…

Tuesday evening, Nolan Ryan was on a local radio talk show and broke it down like this: Lee’s agent wanted 7 years from the Rangers, but only wanted 5 years from Philadelphia. By the tone of his voice (even though he didn’t say it verbally) he sounded disappointed, but also a little annoyed. Cliff Lee went where he really wanted to go. Get over it and move on.

Did you like winning Jerry? I’ll bet you and almost all the rest of us did too. So far to us it seems like the Rangers put all their Eggs in the Lee basket…that makes us (or most of us) a tad scared for the future…because we like winning.
Of course D’god likes losing because he get’s to be a “troll” and exercise his particular “glass less than half full” point of view.

fredr, I think if you really look at last year, all the eggs were not in Cliff Lee’s basket. His arrival impact triggered a mindset on this team that they could go all the way. But, the team before Lee is what put them in the position for that to happen. And, his dominance against Tampa vaulted this team past the Yankees and into the World Series. While he was a game changer, there are 24 other guys who produced and created that marvelous season. So, I am not even a tad scared for the future because the culture around here has changed and that has not changed with Cliff going to Philly. Right or wrong, we might have regressed a little if he went to the Yankees. But, it is a new day in Rangerland and we still have a pitching rich farm system. I believe that winning is here to stay for a while.

rangers did right thing….trust nolan, he’s smart….
1. rangers did good in getting lee since they would have made the playoffs without him, but would have not gone the world series…
2. cliff also showed the texas pitchers how to pitch…coaches and tell you, but cliff showed them it works….a very good lesson for ranger pitchers….very valuable…
3. rangers should not trade good prospects for anyone, hang on to them and develope them….exception, chance to go to the world series….like they did

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