Cliff Lee is going to Philadelphia Phillies

Cliff Lee is going to the Philadelphia Phillies, industry sources said Monday night. The Rangers were told Monday night that Lee is going to the Phillies, It is a done deal


Welcome back Cliff!!!

Suck it Yankees! The best rotation in baseball can be found in Philadelphia.

If it’s true, I am relieved he didn’t go to Yankees and relieved we aren’t saddled with that big *** contract for an old *** pitcher. Also, F him. Hope he blows his arm out or gets hit by a snow ball with a battery!

YEEEEEESSSSSSS!!! Christmas came early this year!!!!

YEEEEEESSSSSSS!!! Christmas came early this year!!!!

Never understood why Phillie let him go last year?

Congrats to Philly and its fans. As an Angel fan I am glad that we never have to see Cliff Lee unless we make it to the Fall Classic, which seems like a long shot. Also glad that the Yankees were not able to get their way just because of their wallet depth. Still a huge contract from what I hear, but not a Yankee HUGE contract.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! (RC)^2 (Ar See Squared) Roy-Roy-Cole-Cliff. The Phantastic Phour! YESSSSS!!!!!!

Oh, well. Good luck in Philly.


Dont ya love that every year you hear yankee fans throwing around money, they say yeah cliff lee will be in pinstripes next year anyway Texas, so there! Or Hey Philly, Werth will be a Yankee next year so shut up, Crawford wont be with you gys Tampa, enjoy it while it lasts! But as soon as they get nothing, they say, we didnt want any of them theyre old, they stink, or whatever! Watch next year, youll hear every big name, according to Yankee fans, will be in new york. As soon as they dont get him, that player will stink. Well we will see who stinks. Boston did theyre homework, Philly did theirs, Yank fans, bragging about buying players makes ya sound bad. Lee chose less, so ya cant say Philly bought him. He chose to go where he felt the best team would be the next 5 years.

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