Rangers headed back to Arkansas

The Rangers are sending two key members of their organization to meet with Cliff Lee and his agent, Darek Braunecker.

Chuck Greenberg is one. He is the club’s Chief Executive Officer and the one who controls the money.

Thad Levine is the other. He is the Rangers assistant general manager who does all their contracts.

When it comes to player contracts, these are the two Rangers financial heavyweights.

The Rangers have asked Braunecker to tell them what it will take to sign Lee. Greenberg and Levine aren’t going up to Arkansas to talk about the weather in Texas or the close proximity of Little Rock to Arlington.

They are going to try and make a deal.


Sweet! That is the news that I wanted to hear! I hope for all of us Ranger fans that they can get a deal done! Keeping him in Texas would be so great!!


The story on XM is that Yanks offerred 25 for 5, 24 for 6 and 23 for 7…I wish that we had gotten something accomplished during the meetings.

The Yankees have more money than the Rangers, in part because of their TV contract. When they televise Yankee – Ranger games there are two teams on the field. Why shouldn’t the Rangers just refuse to allow the Yankees to televise their team unless they are paid a fee which the Rangers can set? Why can’t all the MLB teams do the same? And, perhaps our politicians could stop bailing out NYC, floating the NYC based Fed, and people could stop sending their money to Wall Street. NYC would be Newark.

Ross Perot, is that you?

$161 million for seven years for an ace pitcher is the price you have to pay. It took us all those years to get to the world series and the Rangers made that decision when they gave up 2 # 1 picks for LEE. If the price is seven years you pay it. He is the ace pitcher that we have all wanted and he put us over the hump. It is the cost of doing business Nolan. The future is always uncertain. I love baseball and i grew up loving the Yankees, but buying a championship is ridiculous. Lets hope the Rangers step up, because we won’t sniff the likes of the World Series with a pitching staff without Lee.

I hate the Yankees! Remember Nostra told you Young belonged at second base. He also told you he didn’t hit for enough power from that position. He was exposed defensively in the World Series. Why else would the Rangers be interested in BELTRE. “Beltre has won Gold Gloves at third base and hits for more power.” Nostra says Rangers go 7 years and pray like hell that Lee doesn’t get hurt. I still say LEE is marking the ball! But as long as he does it for us not against us then its good. When Lee rebuffs the Yankees. You will hear them complain about him marking the ball next year. Bet on it!

Intentionally or unintentionally the waiting game with Lee has hurt the Rangers ability to deal at the meetings. At what point do you throw up your hands and say bye bye?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Young’s offense isn’t the problem. He’s a well above average offensive performer at the position. Defensively, however, is diminished range would be even more glaring if he were still playing up the middle. Moving a bad defender from third to second is like pouring a bucket of water on a drowning man. As far as Lee “marking the ball”, consider the source. bm also claimed the rosin on Lee’s hat was illegal despite the fact that it’s provided for pitchers at every game and kept in plain sight behind the mound. Nostra also told us that Jon Daniels was headed for the Mets. Some folks never tire of being wrong, it seems.

While I agree with Hefe I would point out that Brad’s posts were almost the model of reasonableness. As such they deserve note. Nevertheless,guy do you make this stuff up or is there some druged out cinfidential informant out there who’s feeding you this stuff. Cause man..it’s way out there!

You do realize that all these posts are searchable on Yahoo and Google and somewhere out there your boss could be building a file?

“they gave up 2 # 1 picks for LEE.” – And if they lose him they’ll get a first round pick and another pick before the second round.

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