Wilson part of winning team in auto endurance race

C.J. Wilson was part of a winning driving team in the NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill. Here is the report from the winning team:

For the second straight year, a Hankook-shod Mazda MX-5 took home victory in the competitive E1 class at the NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill.

Thirty-eight days after he pitched in game five of the World Series, Wilson drove the No. 36 Hankook / Burger On / MER Mazda MX-5 across the finish line to take the checkered flag fell at noon on Sunday at Thunderhill Raceway Park in Willows, California, scoring the first professional win of his driving career. His teammates David Cheng and Darrin Polsley recorded their first wins at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill, while for Tyler McQuarrie, it was his third consecutive victory in the E1 class. So dominant was the team’s performance that they finished sixth overall, 45 laps ahead of the second car in class.

Their teammates in the No. 74 Hankook / MER Mazda MX-5 – Paul Walker, Roger Rodas, Jeff Westphal, and Carl Rydquist, overcame numerous mechanical problems throughout an extremely wet 25 Hours of Thunderhill to finish sixth in class. With a large portion of the race being run in rainy conditions, both teams spent a large portion of the time on the Hankook Ventus Rs-3 tires selected for those conditions.

“We are extremely proud that the No. 36 car took home a win in this year’s 25 Hours of Thunderhill,” said Paul Jho, Motorsports Manager of Hankook Tire America Corporation. “The 25 Hours is an extremely challenging event for the teams and drivers, which makes it a great way to demonstrate the performance of our Z214 tires in the dry conditions and the Rs-3 tires in the wet conditions. Of course, it was up to the drivers to drive the car for 25 hours and bring it home, and they did a phenomenal job. It was unfortunate that the No. 74 car had the luck that it did, but all four drivers drove great and the team put in a phenomenal effort to get to the finish.”

Here is what Wilson said:

“The biggest thing for me was how surprisingly well the car ran throughout the race. Other cars had serious issues and we dodged that. Last year we had so much fun that this year I was determined to do everything I could to win, from the other guys in the car to the tires that we used. Luckily, everything kind of fell in our favor. Off of the baseball field, this is the one thing I am most proud of so far in my life.”


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